Planet earth is in a devastating condition. Numerous reports and statistics come in every day trying to explain all the bad things that are happening to the environment. However, we can still hope for a better future if we, as humans, decide to make the right decision on taking care of the environment.

In this article, you will discover four things that you can do this year to conserve the environment.

Ride Sharing

Ride sharing is a new concept that is cropping up slowly. Scientists are encouraging people to use public means of transportation in place of their vehicles to conserve the environment. The question you may have in your mind right now is, “how that is even possible when you need your privacy in your car or cab?”

Statistics dictate that traffic congestion pollutes the environment because exhaust fumes release carbon, which is harmful to animal and plant health. If you decide to leave your ride back at home and share a cab with someone, you would be saving the environment from harm.

You can also use apps such as to find a constant carpool partner when going to work or running errands.

Conserve Energy

People waste water when doing chores. Therefore, try to switch off taps instead of losing extra gallons that you could have done something else. For instance, minimize the amount of water flowing from the tap between cleaning intervals when brushing teeth.

Some of us leave bulb lights on when not in use. Instead, ensure that you turn them off when leaving the room or during naps.

Solar energy is a renewable source as well. Install solar panels to renew the power that comes from the sun. Additionally, refrain from leaving electrical appliances running when you are not utilizing any of them. The TV should be off especially when no one is viewing it.


As the world populates, the need for new products and raw materials keeps increasing. However, this is devastating because you have to cut down resources such as trees.

Additionally, people waste a lot of time carrying plastic bags, which when thrown on the ground, can increase waste on land.

To deal with this, reduce waste through recycling. Trash bins should be installed everywhere to avoid unnecessary littering. Additionally, consider buying products that have less packaging.

Carry your bag whenever you are shopping. Thus, you will prevent the release of unnecessary gases into the air.

Conserve and consume enough food

With the rise of fast food joints, people prefer eating away from their homes. Nonetheless, this is harmful to the environment because your body ends up being unhealthy.

People should also learn to purchase local food because food that must be transported over a long distance means that the vehicles and ships used to carry them increase pollution to the environment.

When cooking, please avoid preparing excess food that will force you to throw the remainder away.


Environment saving is a decision that begins with you. If we all choose to follow these simple tips, then we will make the world a better place. Otherwise, it would mean that the earth would just be a destroyed shell that human beings refer to as their habitat. We can also pass the knowledge we own to our younger generation to help them learn practical ways to conserve our precious environment.