Traveling and being a woman can be a bit challenging, especially during that time of the month. But, don’t let your period ruin your travel plans or itinerary! Here are some thing that I will stick by so I can still enjoy my travels:

1. Understand your cycle

Know when you will have your period. If your flow is heavier than others, schedule your trips before or after it. Don’t force yourself because I swear you won’t really enjoy sightseeing/activities (especially the beach!) if you will constantly be in pain. If you’re more on the light to normal flow and don’t really get cramps – then you can still proceed with your itinerary.

2. Stock up on Tampons

I make sure that I’m well stocked on my Ladouce Tampons via Lazada. What I love about Ladouce is that they have all 3 that I need, mini (for my light flow), normal (for my regular flow) and super (for those heavy-i-hate-my-life moments). Don’t rely on your destination country to have these in their shops. Sometimes if tampons are available, the brand that they carry can be a bit pricey and can ruin your budget.

Ladouce Tampons Traveling

Tampons are also perfect if you plan to have full-on activities and reduces the risk of staining your clothes unlike regular pads. I stick by Ladouce tampons because it is made of body friendly, high absorbent natural materials. The cylindrical form follows perfectly whatever your body shape is and is designed to be easily inserted. Read more here on how to use Ladouce Tampons.

3. Keep some Plastic-bags in your pouch

Some of the toilets that you will encounter don’t have any trashcans (no I am not exaggerating). And for developing countries, you can’t really flush out your tampons. With a plastic bag you can easily dispose it as soon as you find a bin. Don’t be one of those girls who just leave their business around the toilet!

4. Bring your own wet wipes and tissue

Don’t learn this the hard way! The last thing that you want is getting stuck in the toilet with no tissue to wipe yourself with. Always be prepared. Also, if there’s a sign that asks you not to flush your rubbish, there’s a reason why that is the case. You don’t want the cleaning lady shouting at you in their local language when you walk out of the toilets.

5. Pain killers are your bestfriend

ladouce tampons

I carry a first aid kit with me and I make sure that I have pain killers. Not just for my headache but for my period cramps because I swear, every time I get my period, I am like a baby! It is super painful and I don’t really like being the person who kills the fun especially if it’s a big group tour. So I pop one of those pills and I am as good as new. However, if the pain is tolerable and I know that I’m just chilling for the day, I don’t take a pill. I just don’t want to be addicted to pain killers.

I promise you that these are foolproof tips! If you have any tips to add, feel free to comment them down below. Happy traveling ❤