There are so many myths and misconceptions associated with hair loss that mislead and misguide people all over the world. The lies about hair loss extend too much that there are conmen in the market who deceive people into buying their cheap products that end up becoming more damaging than the intended cure. It is therefore advisable that you research the genuine facts about hair loss before treatment. is a company specialized in the treatment of hair loss using shampoos. Their products are approved to be useful and cause no harm at all. The following is a number of facts about hair loss that you probably didn’t know and their recommended treatment:

Common baldness is not actually hair loss

Baldness is caused by thinning of the hair and changing to colorless as a result of overproduction of testosterone hormone. The enzyme reductase converts the excess testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, (DHT) which destroys hair follicles causing it to thin and turn colorless. Baldness is common mainly in men but can also be found in women during pregnancy and at menopause. To treat this, shampoos having minoxidil as the main ingredient are recommended as they act as DHT blocker and protecting the hair follicles.

Excessive use of chemicals on your hair such as dyes can cause hair loss

The chemicals can also be from medications from chronic illness such as heart problems, arthritis, hypertension, and chemotherapy. These medicines mostly contain a high amount of vitamin A which when in excess kills the hair follicle leading to hair loss. This can be avoided by reducing the chemicals and the sprays you apply on your scalp. There is also a cure for the application of shampoos with argan oil as the main ingredient that ensures you have a strong hair.

Fungal overgrowth can cause hair loss

It is an interesting fact that our scalps have fungal microorganisms that help protect the scalp from germs. However, excessive growth of the fungus attacks the hair follicle and feeds on it and in turn causes hair loss. This can be treated by applying a shampoo rich in methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCT). MCT is a strong anti-fungus that reduces the excess growth and in turn, restore your hair.

Hair loss can be caused by unhealthy eating habits and also poor upkeep of your body

Hair needs nutrients to grow and malnutrition will cause it to fall off. A poor diet such as lack of minerals like iron and vitamins causes weak hair follicles. Excessive use of hair dryers and too much pull on the hair causes it to easily fall off causing hair loss. It is advisable to naturally dry your hair and eat a balanced diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables to prevent hair loss. For treatment use shampoos with organic argan oil in the product.

Lack of caffeine in the body can cause hair loss

Caffeine is found naturally from coffee berries and is addictive due to daily consumption of coffee. Caffeine a good DHT blocker and should be taken in controlled amounts as it is also a strong antioxidant. Hair loss due to this cause can be treated using shampoos with caffeine content in them.

Hair loss can lower one’s self-esteem and make one desperate to regrow the hair. The above facts about hair loss will help you in choosing the appropriate treatment based on the cause of your hair loss. Do a thorough research about your hair loss before picking up on just any treatment based on the cheapness of the product.