For someone who lives in a conservative, third world country, tampons are not really something that’s embraced by everyone.

I remember when I first had my period, it was all about sanitary pads. I never even knew that tampons existed! It was from the internet and magazine that I learned more about them. And when I asked the adults around me what they were, it was as if I committed a sin. I was told that I would lose my virginity if I use one (lol right?)

Of course, as I grew wiser and older (and basically detaching myself from these ~adults~), I learned that it was not the case – you don’t lose your virginity when you wear tampons. In case you’re wondering: you only lose it by having an actual sexual intercourse.

Anyway, so much for that personal story. Yes, I know that here in the Philippines, pads are the most common, however they are not the only option. Tampons are one of that many options. And you can buy them in Lazada and get it delivered to your doorstep. How convenient is that?

Ladouce Tampons
Basically, I want to write and share how tampons are life-changing for us ladies who have to welcome our monthly visitor. If you were or still are intimidated and are wondering how effective and safe they really are. Continue reading…

So first thing’s first, there are two basic kinds of tampons – with an applicator and without an applicator. I personally love using tampons without an applicator. I find it easier and more comfortable to use. I’ve been using Ladouce Tampons and I don’t think I will ever switch brands anymore.

Ladouce Tampons
Ladouce Tampons chel InumerableLadouce Tampons has 3 different types for different flows, mini for low flow, normal for medium/regular flow, and super for those heavy days. I have to say that it does absorb pretty well. I change every 3-4 hours to avoid Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). Toxic Shock Syndrome is a condition caused by certain types of Staphylococcus bacteria and is very rare to contract. These bacteria become dangerous when they are in an environment that allows them to grow quickly, which causes them to produce toxins. This can happen when you leave any sanitary product in or on for way longer than intended: pads, cups etc. as well. It has never been proven scientifically that wearing a tampon can cause TSS.

Ladouce Tampons hey its chel

What you need to understand about tampons is that you should never leave it on for too long (8 hours and more). You always need to change it from time to time, just like using pads. However, for every 100,000 women who use tampons only 3-4 will develop TSS in a year.

Ladouce Tampons review

Tampons are NOT uncomfortable as long as you inserted it properly (it does not go in through your urethra, only in the vaginal opening). In fact, you should not feel anything – yes, even for first timers. 7. They will also not get lost inside you because our cervix is too small to fit an entire tampon and second, the vaginal walls are strong enough to hold the tampon in its place.

Will it leave a stain? Can I swim if I have a tampon on?

Tampons do not leave a stain. Women who are in the sports industry or are into outdoor activities, always prefer these over pads.

And yes, you can swim with a tampon on unlike pads. Tampons don’t just slip out of you, if you do feel so, you might not have inserted it properly or its full already and needs to be changed.
Ladouce Tampons hey its chel

When do I use Ladouce Tampons?

So ever since I learned how to use tampons, I rarely use pads. The only time that I use pads is when I ran out of tampons and can’t get them any sooner.

Ladouce Tampons Hey its chel

What I love about tampons is that it makes traveling easier because I can still go on hikes, activities, swim and more without worrying about any stain or my pad not being in the right position. Tampons just stay up there and absorb everything.

But how do I insert a tampon?

Ladouce Tampons prepared this step by step instruction. For step 5 though I insert my tampon in a slight squat position.

Ladouce Tampons

What do I look for in a tampon?

Of course, it has to be made out of high absorbent natural materials (soft silk viscose, non-chlorine bleached), 100% biodegradable. For easy application as well, find something that’s been designed to be easily inserted. Just like Ladouce Tampons.

Ladouce Tampons hey its chel review


I assure you, tampons can be a saving grace. If you are curious and want to try it, head over to Lazada or click here to place your order. These compact and lightweight feminine product will be your next best friend!