If you sit back and think about your life so far, are there any experiences that are etched into your memory? Is there any particular experience that gave you the story of a lifetime? Well, the truth is that many people live by going through the motions. They are so focused on the daily grind that they forget to live a little.
Similarly, your days are probably plagued by mundane activities. That’s because many people thrive in the comfort of routine and predictability. But it doesn’t have be like that. Life gives us many opportunities to do something memorable. We only need to get out of our comfort zones and have a plan to live to the fullest.

Setting goals – and making plans to achieve them – is great place to start. This will help to remind you of what is important to you and give you the push to actually act upon it. You can set milestones according to your preferences and tag someone along this journey so that it is more memorable for you.

While there are countless things you should do in your lifetime, here’s our top five to start you off in the right direction:

1. Take a Trip Down To Ireland

Nestled in the pristine waters of the North Atlantic, Ireland is a scene-stealer and the epitome of natural beauty. For any typical tourist, trips to Ireland include marveling at the rolling green hills, exploring the archaic and rustic architecture, as well as getting lost in the great Atlantic coastline. Further, you can finally sample popular local foods and take part in the famous Irish drinking culture while experiencing the rich history of the locals. Ireland is a great destination for an all rounded experience and would definitely be a great place to start.

2. Learn a Foreign Language

English speakers are known to only be conversant with their own language. But there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as learning a new language – especially as a grown up. Take up the challenge and pick a language that interests you. Doing this will change the way that you think and help you to experience the world in a new and exciting way.

3. Walk across the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing feats of construction in the world. The building of this massive wall started way back in the 7th century. Now, this defensive wall sits on 7 meters high and 7 meters thick and is purportedly visible from space.
Despite the fact that some parts of it have disappeared or are in ruins, it doesn’t take away from the magnificence that you will experience as you traverse through this territory. It will take you roughly a day to explore the battlements and this unbelievable works of the human hands.

4. Run a Marathon

Summon all the willpower in your body and attempt to run a marathon. While starting is difficult, you will be completely fulfilled at the end. Being able to say that you have done something that not many other people have will give you a great sense of pride and triumph.
You can make it even more challenging by avoiding the small community marathons. Instead, pick one that is recognized all around the world and start training for it. It will even be more fulfilling if you run for a cause. Numerous charities organize these kinds of activities and with the right approach, you will be a step ahead to ticking this off your bucket list.

5. Go on an African Safari

Whether you are a nature enthusiast or not, an African Safari is bound to give you a memorable experience. The safari is the epitome of great wildlife spotting adventures. You will encounter nature’s greatest beasts in their most natural habitat. Prepare to witness real-time enactment of the great wild food chain as well as the struggle for survival. Further, camping in the breathtaking landscape will blow you away and give you one of the best memories of your lifetime.