It has been almost a year since I first tried the amazing food here in Empacho Restaurant in Tomas Morato. This place is one of the few restaurants that I truly love so much. I have raved about their food and drinks to my friends to the point that we almost came here everyday! I swear, if you are ever around Quezon City, you must visit Empacho and you would know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, as you can tell from my blog post title, Empacho’s chef, Dimchee, came up with new dishes and he invited a couple of bloggers and friends to try them out.


Empacho Restaurant Hey its Chel

ChichaPOP P280 is not your usual chicken lollipop that you see in birthday parties, fiesta, etc. Empacho’s version is made out of chicharon breading and deep fried into perfection. You’ll get a crispy, juicy chicken lollipop in your table that will be gone within 5 seconds! Dip it into their homemade sriracha mayo for that nice flavorful kick.

Empacho Restaurant Tomas Morato

Trisaw P350 is one of my favorites because 1. I love isaw 2. I am sure that these are clean and I wont get hepa haha! Trisaw is a dish of cow, chicken and pork intestines that is served with Empacho’s pinakurat sauce.


Empacho Restaurant New Dish Alert

Empacho Restaurant Chel Inumerable

Sisig Fries P260 is that kind of dish that you thought you knew what you were getting but you actually dont. The fries are not your regular size. Sisig Fries is unique because it is super long, almost a never ending noodle type but crispy and delish. It is then topped with cheese sauce, crunchy bagnet sisig and salted egg.

Empacho Restaurant Chel Inumerable

ChichaWOW P260. This is probably the biggest chicharon I have ever seen and had in a restaurant here in the Philippines. The moment they took it out of the kitchen, we all went WOW!!! Try it with the dips that are served with it for the bestest experience.

New Empacho Mains

One of the owners, Rocky, told me to try the Sizzling Laing na Sugpo P850 as soon as it was served in the table. I never had anything like this and wow, the flavors exploded in my mouth and hands down became my ultimate favorite! (It was nice to see Rocky too because we always get to see Dimchee).

Empacho Restaurant Tomas Morato

I came back a couple of days after and ordered this again. You guys must try it!
Empacho Restaurant Tomas Morato

Sinampalukang Tadyang P550 is another dish that I enjoyed (let’s be honest, I love everything here!) The beef is super tender and the vegetables aren’t overcooked.
Empacho Food Review

Pares Lomi P375 is a bowl of overflowing goodness that I would have anytime of the day. This is actually good for big groups and it is one of their best comfort food that I have tried. It comes with the authentic flavor of Batangas Lomi with noodles, quail eggs, kikiam and squid balls.


Empacho Restaurant Chel Inumerable

Bibingka Cassava Cake P225. You dont need to wait for Christmas to have some bibingka because Empacho has it for you. This is my 2nd favorite dessert here, the first is their Salted Egg Lava Cake.

Shakes and Coolers

Empacho Restaurant New Dish Alert
Empacho Hey its Chel

The Gulaman here in Empacho is perfect and isn’t too sweet. Also, super pretty!
Empacho Tomas Morato

Mango Shake

I love how all their drinks are made fresh, unique and Instagram worthy all thanks to Empacho’s bartender, Paolo!

Thank you so much to Rocky, Dimchee, Paolo and Amanda for having us over and trusting us in trying Empacho’s new dishes! Their tagline, come home to Empacho, is definitely fitting for the overall experience that I always have here.

You guys can now order these and you will thank me for it. I promise.

2/F, Unit 201, #170 Tomas Morato Avenue,
Corner Don Roces, Barangay Sacred Heart,
Quezon City