I’m sure you guys have heard the hype about The Dessert Museum, a 12,000-sq. ft. modern art museum in S Maison, Conrad Hotel Manila. It opened last Feb 10, 2018 and have been trending all around social media. To be honest, I’ve always wanted to come here but it is just way too far from where I live. But when Tina of The Hungry Travel Duo, invited us – I figured why not. At least I’ll be with friends and we would have it all to ourselves.

The Dessert Museum Review

So guys, how does it work? Do we get to eat the props?

That was my legit question in our group chat haha. Glad that I wasn’t the only one though who was wondering!

The Dessert Museum ReviewThe Dessert Museum Chel InumerableThe Dessert Museum Chel Inumerable

As soon as we got there, we were each given a pink RFID bracelet. This serves as our pass to claim 1 dessert serving in every room. All 8 dessert themed rooms were filled with Instagram-able decor and facts about our favorite desserts. (how many more times can I say dessert? lol)The Dessert Museum Chel InumerableThe Dessert Museum Chel InumerableThe Dessert Museum Hey its Chel

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The Dessert Museum Review Hey its ChelChel Inumerable The Dessert Museum

Me and Karla of KarlaroundtheWorld doing a “candid” pose. I swear, if you love taking photos, The Dessert Museum is for you.

The Dessert Museum Blog ReviewThe Dessert Museum Review Chel Inumerable
The Dessert Museum Blog Chel Inumerable

With my friend, Janine, inside the balloon wind thing-y. You know the one where the balloons go around in an enclosed area? Actually, one of the bloggers (Karen) who was also in our batch has a video:

The Dessert Museum Blog
The Dessert Museum Tickets

By the second to the last stop, which was the cotton candy room, I was a bit tired already. I kinda wished there were more desserts served or more facts. I dont know guys, I just felt like there’s something missing especially if you pay P799 (walk in rate) for 2 hours.

I mean I get it, kids would really love this place but you can’t really be rowdy around here because you’ll just end up ruining the place. It’s too pretty to be run-down. And if you’re all about having good social media content, then The Dessert Museum is a nice place for that.
The Dessert Museum PriceThe Dessert Museum Price

I haven’t had cotton candy since forever so this was kinda my favorite room. And it almost gives you the Cherry Blossom vibes, right?

The Dessert Museum Review


You should definitely come see and take lots of photos (pro tip: Google poses already so you’ll be time efficient). But don’t come here expecting that your tummy will be filled with delicious desserts. Hope that helps, my loves!

Location: G/F S Maison Mall at Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay City, Philippines
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedessertmuseum/
Website: www.thedessertmuseum.com