Going on a safari represents a unique and valuable experience. It is also a great way to expand your knowledge of wildlife and our planet’s diverse ecosystem.

Before you set out on your safari, there are numerous reasons to consider hiring a safari guide, as these professionals can greatly improve your experience.

There’s much more to a safari than driving through the savanna and observing animals or the scenery. Safari guides are trained professional with knowledge of the landscape, local customs, and wildlife. They should also be good communicators, ready to provide assistance and easy to approach.

If you’re still having second thoughts as to whether you need to hire a safari guide, we’ve prepared four reasons that will convince you that doing so could improve your safari experience.

They Help You Get Around Faster

When on safari, you will want to get around quickly so that you can concentrate on observing the wildlife along the way instead of dealing with maps and directions.
A tour guide will not only help you get around faster but also let you explore places that you would not be able to find on your own.
Remember that you’ll be traveling across the wilderness and that there may be no settlements nearby. Hiring a tour guide will save you time and make your journey through the wilds more pleasant.

Tip: Be sure to find a guide who knows the local roads, does not need to rely on GPS and knows how to deal with obstacles you may encounter along the way.

You Can Rely on Them

Having a professional tour guide, who knows where they’re going and is passionate about his job can make a big difference.
In case you run into a problem, a tour guide should be able to provide necessary help and guidance. A good tour guide should be an excellent communicator, easy to cooperate with and eager to provide advice.
Whenever you find yourself in need of information, you can rely on your tour guide for quick and friendly assistance.

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Knowledge of Wildlife

Africa boasts an enormous diversity of wildlife, some of which can be encountered nowhere else. Needless to say, it’s beneficial to have a tour guide who can help explain the differences between various animals that you will have the chance to see as you explore the African wilderness.
Some of the animals cannot be approached without the assistance of a professional, and therefore it’s advisable you hire a tour guide who can make sure you always stay safe and enjoy your safari as much as possible.

You’ll Be Safer

If you’re considering a walking safari, safety is number one issue that you need to consider before you set out on your adventure. You’ll be needing to hire a tour guide with extensive knowledge of the terrain and animals.
A tour guide will know how to react to potentially dangerous situations and make sure you stay safe and respectful of the wildlife you encounter.