Yes, you read the blog title right! 1,000PHP for 6 people in a nice restaurant in Makati is possible. But is everyone gonna feel full? Is it enough??? Y-E-S! Before you doubt me, guys – just read on! I’m sharing photos of what we ate and the full receipt too.

A little back story – I was in the office last week in Makati and was feeling a bit hungry (actually that’s me all the time haha!) So I asked Gwyn, Apryll and the interns if they ate already, they said they haven’t yet so I was like, “let’s have a late lunch.

I have this app on my phone that I have been using since forever to look for restaurants around me. It’s not just a reservation/booking app, guys!  This app is heaven sent because it actually gives you up to 50% off your total bill.

I’m talking about Eatigo – everyone can register and use it because it is FREE!!!

Grabe, a service that’s free and lets you eat at restaurants at a discounted rate? Isn’t that a bit too good to be true? Nope! For real, talaga! Also, no. This blog post is not sponsored. I just genuinely love Eatigo and would love to share this to you guys because sino ba naman may ayaw ng discount diba? Tapos up to 50% off pa!

Belle and Dragon Eatigo

So that’s what it looks like if you book through the website. As you can see, you can choose what time you guys want and it will show you right away how much discount you can get from your total bill.

And yes, we ate at The Belle and Dragon because it is a walking distance from our office.

Here’s what we ordered:

Eatigo Hey its Chel

Salt & Pepper Calamari

Eatigo Hey its Chel


Eatigo Chel Inumerable

Charred Corn

Eatigo Hey its Chel

Lechon Sinigang

Eatigo Chel Inumerable

B&D Sisig

*not in photo are 6 cups of rice – because rice is life haha

Eatigo Discount PhEatigo Discount Ph

Berry Pie

Eatigo Chel Inumerable

We didn’t even get to finish everything that was ordered because we were super full! Plus, the food was really delicious. The staff was accommodating and so nice, which always completes the dining experience for me.

When I was about to ask for the bill, I asked them for their guesses on how much we had spent – they were like 3k? And then when I showed them the receipt…
Eatigo Receipt

All of that for only 966.75PHP! Super sulit! They were really surprised! I mean, I would too – we had starters, mains plus a dessert that’s perfect for 6 people in a nice restaurant.

Guys, you should check out Eatigo, they have a lot of restaurants and it’s the perfect way to dine out without spending too much! And that’s how I win the 1,000PHP challenge ❤