I love to snack like literally I have to be eating something especially when I’m working. I don’t know but I feel like I get more ideas and inspirations when my tummy is full haha! But not so much because I’ll end being sleepy (oops). I know you guys know how it is – please tell me I’m not alone lol

So when Tina, my friend over at Hungry Travel Duo, mentioned about a crispy seaweed snack – I was like ooooh I wanna try that!

Faru's Sea-Charon

So this is Faru’s Sea-Charon which are Crispy Seaweed Crackers. I love seaweed snacks and I remember how I bought packets of these from Hong Kong. But these are something special! The flavors available are – Original, Spicy, 2X Spicy, BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion, Spicy Crunchy Garlic. I only got to try the first three in its regular pack (50g) P85. Another size available is Large (120g) priced at P190.

Since these are made fresh, you should consume it within 3 weeks of purchase (or whatever the date has on the pack) to ensure the crispiness.

Faru's Sea-Charon

Faru, the owner, started by letting her friends taste these and then a few days after, sold some to her offiemates. She figured out why not make an online account to reach more customers. There isn’t a physical store yet, but they are active at bazaars and soon will be partners with tea shops, etc. They have plans on being involved with more events like weddings.

Faru’s Sea-Charon delivers nationwide, and they are reaching overseas as well, thanks to their friends and loyal customers.

Faru's Sea-Charon

They have been featured in Kabuhayang Swak na Swak last Nov 2017. And last May 2018, they celebrated their 1st Anniversary by completing  their current 6 flavor variations.

I mentioned Faru’s Sea-Charon Crispy Seaweed Crackers on my latest vlog. I wasn’t able to do a video of me eating it though because I easily finished all three regular packs in one sitting… I tried the original, spicy and 2x spicy and was super surprised at how good it tasted.

These are perfect for a quick snack while studying/working – you’ll be surprised at how fast you’ll finish it because it’s that delicious! I honestly wished I had more.

Find out more about Faru’s Sea-Charon Crispy Seaweed Crackers by following them on Instagram @crispyseaweedcrackers and liking their Facebook page.