Your carpet needs to be clean all the time in order for your home to look spic and span. As such, you need to plan how to clean it on a regular basis so that you can live in a clean home that is free of germs and dirt. Your carpet could be a good breeding ground for the germs in the house. There are many ways of cleaning your carpet. You need to be aware of the advantages of Chem Dry vs Steam Cleaning of your carpets. The type of a carpet that you have will determine the kind of cleaning that can be done on it. We shall discuss some of the top carpet cleaning methods that you can use.


Here are the top 3 ways to clean your carpet


Vacuuming the carpet


The top 3 ways to clean your carpet

This is one of the most thorough ways to clean the carpet. You will be sure that all the dust and debris on the carpet will be removed in the process. You need to pick any trays or papers on the carpet before you start the process. You do not want a situation where the passage of the vacuum cleaner will be obstructed. There are some areas that could be hard to reach. For these areas of the carpet, the nozzle attachment should be used. You should first remove the dust on the edges of the carpet and the baseboards.

The best way to vacuum for better results is both vertically and horizontally. The entire room should be vacuumed back and forth and the process repeated. The idea of going back and forth is to ensure that all the fibers of the carpets are reached and cleaned.

 Spot clean your carpet

This is yet another method of cleaning your carpet when you do not want to clean the whole of it. You can spot clean the carpet by using a white cloth. You should, however, avoid using rags that have been dyed or those that have patterns as these could transfer their colors to the carpet. If your carpet has some stains, the right thing to do is to blot the fresh stains. Use a while cloth for this purpose. You can spot clean the carpet by use of a carpet cleaning detergent. For blood stains, you can use hydrogen peroxide or water for the blotting process. For pet urine, you should use an enzyme cleaner that is specifically designed for this type of stain.


Shampooing the carpet


Shampooing the carpet is another good way to clean it and make it smell fresh and clean. This is also sometimes known as steam cleaning. To do this, you need to make the room ready for the shampooing. All the furniture should be removed. Items that cannot be removed should be protected from water by placing of plastic under the legs. This way, water will not damage the items. You can buy or rent a carpet shampooer and ensure that one steps on the carpet once the cleaning is done. You may have to spot clean the carpet beforehand. In other words, all the hard stains should be removed before the shampooing or the steam cleaning of the carpet is done.