Although detergents work well during washing sometimes it isn’t enough to remove the smell. Apart from using a detergent or fabric conditioner with strong smells or end up using the wrong products that might spoil your clothes, there are several techniques and ways to avoid your clothes smelling musty. Here are five ways to keeping your clothes smelling fresh and new at all times.
5 Tips to keeping your clothes smelling fresh

Add drops of essential oils while washing clothes

Essential oils, especially scented ones are great during washing of clothes.  They can help keep your clothes smelling fresh for a long time. You can choose the essential oil that you want depending on your preference for example lavender is more common. Add around 20 drops of essential oils in the rinsing water wash. Instead of adding in the rinsing water, you can add a few drops to your clothes.

Apart from essential oils, you can also use mildly scented laundry detergents. But, these would have a guideline on how much you need to use. You can also combine different types of essential oils.

Clean your storage section

Clothes that are not often worn tend to get musty with time and smell. If you are using a drawer or wardrobe for your clothes always clean it as often as you can. Remove the clothes every two weeks to check out the condition of your drawer and let them air dry.

Ensure that your clothes are well folded or hanged providing some space for aeration. You can also utilize home storage techniques and essentials such as baking soda. Place a bag of baking soda in the drawer to help it absorb any moisture or odor.

Make sure clothes are completely dry before putting them away

Do not fold or hang damp clothes in the storage area to avoid the formation of mildew and a bad smell. Clothes that are damp should be air dried completely before they are stored. After washing your clothes always check for dampness. Sniff them first before storing them.

Use coffee grounds

Coffee grounds have the ability to absorb bad odors and leave the air fresh and clothes smelling amazing. Place a container with coffee grounds in the drawer or wardrobe. But ensure that you replace the coffee grounds once a month to leave the storage space fresh.

Spray an air freshener

An air freshener is great to use, especially in storage areas such as closets, wardrobes or drawers. You can either spray or preferably place the air freshener at the back of your wardrobe or drawer. The air fresher will gradually release fresh scent leaving your clothes smelling great. Buy the ozium air freshener for a fresh refreshing smell of your clothes.

Other pieces of materials like scented wood such as cedar or sandalwood are also great alternatives. Place one or two pieces in your drawer and the scent will be absorbed into your clothing. Apart from leaving your clothes smelling fresh, cedar also absorbs moisture and repels bugs.

Always maintain a clean house to prevent bad odors from getting into your clothes and other household items. Clean, dust and vacuum your home as often as you can concentrating on areas that accumulate moisture.