Core muscles are very vital in the human body as they support the unstable and fairly fragile spinal column that is made up of bones, discs and ligaments. The column can only bear a weight of not more than 20 pounds without buckling. That weight is quite low since the simplest of movements like lifting something from the floor, getting out of the car and others results to a force of about 170pounds on the spine thus the need for extra support which the core offers. Core exercises are very crucial for core strength and should be part of a well-rounded fitness program.

What makes up the core?

The core is not just the layer of abdominal muscles that are visible among those lucky enough to have noticeable six-packs. It includes the deep transverse abdominis muscles, lower back muscles and glutes, the obliques, and the pelvis structure.

Why core strength is vital?

A strong core acts like a firm snug corset wrapped around you and giving you reinforcement from the knees to the shoulders. Your core muscles have a very crucial role in your day to day activities such as bending over to pick something, getting out the bed, walking, doing your cleaning duties and so on, and most important of all they help you to maintain an upright posture. Core muscles are in simple terms the foundation of support for the entire body. These muscles surround and support in entirety your spine and pelvis and link the upper body and lower body, and transfer forces between them.

Core muscles require exercises that involve the pelvis, lower back, abdomen and hips enabling them to work in harmony. The workouts bring about better balance and stability whether in the daily activities or in the playing ground. Most sports and workouts depend on stable core muscles. In addition to exercise, you may consider some great steroids from that will help to build strong muscles all over the body including the cores.

Here are some of the crucial things attributed to core strength:

    • It leads to a flatter tummy by drawing in the stomach
    • Gives reinforcement to the lower back reducing chances of suffering injury and backache
    • Helps in achieving stability, coordination and  flexibility
    • Make it possible to have a good posture and keeps the hips flexible
    • Enable performance of sports and enable performance of activities like swimming


Core workouts to try

Core workouts that will give the best and desired results put emphasis on your back, glutes, hips, spine and the front part of your abs. You can give the following workouts a try- mindful crunches, plank holds and lunges. All people can reap benefits from core exercises but some groups of people who should go for them include those who have ever had back or hip aches and pains, those who experience pain on their lower back, the people who sit long hours be it at the computer, desk or when travelling.


A strong core is very crucial and all the necessary measure should be taken to strengthen the core and this is majorly through exercises.