Noor Modern Mediterranean Restaurant by Chef Or in Burgos Circle, BGC is easily one of my favorites. With a menu that’s so fresh of fusion dishes you will never run out of something new to try here. We can’t deny the fact that the first thing that people think when they hear Mediterranean food is that its all about the Greek or Middle Eastern cuisine, but with “Noor” (being a Hebrew word for “flame” or “light”) – you’ll see Mediterranean cuisine in a whole new light. What this restaurant did is to fuse all the influences from the 30 countries in the the Mediterranean region, highlighting on fresh ingredients such as vegetables for a real healthy option (read more and you’ll see what I mean).

Noor Modern Mediterranean Restaurant in Burgos Circle, BGC Noor Modern Mediterranean Restaurant in Burgos Circle, BGC Noor Modern Mediterranean Restaurant in Burgos Circle, BGC Noor Modern Mediterranean Restaurant in Burgos Circle, BGC

Chef Or’s dishes focus on Euro-Israeli flavors and together with his wife and restaurant manager Tair, they conceptualized a modern take on Mediterranean cuisine inspired by Levinsky Market in Tel Aviv. The restaurant interior is all about that laid-back vibe that will welcome every diner to relax and enjoy the food and drinks. Chef Or and managing partner Hezi Cohen both agreed to have it like that.

“We want a place that’s for everyone, where everyone feels comfortable. You don’t have to be dressed up to come here,” – Hezi Cohen.

Noor Blog ReviewNoor Blog ReviewNoor Blog Review

Noor’s dishes are all for sharing. Aside from having a cozy atmosphere, this is another thing that Chef Or wants to promote.

“People feel more comfortable when they share food. We will never serve food to a single person. We will always place it at the center of the table so customers can eat it from there, and they can share everything. It doesn’t matter who you’re dining with, whether it’s family, business partners or colleagues, when you eat from the same plate, you immediately become close.”


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Lamb Baklava (P460)

Ever since I had Baklava a few years back, I’d always crave for it as a dessert. Here at Noor, they reinvented this sweet classic and introduced it as an entrée. Noor’s Lamb Baklava is made by wrapping lamb, beef, and leeks with the crusty pastry. Drizzled with tahini dressing all over the baklava gives it a nice kick while the raspberry sauce gives it that extra sweetness, enough for you to want more of the goodness. In case you are wondering, yes it still retains its expected crunchiness even with the sauce and dressing.

Noor Hey, it's Chel

Deep-Fried Cauliflower (P350)

ONE OF MY FAVORITES and one of Noor’s menu offerings on the healthy side. A little back story (because you guys know I always have a side story lol) A friend of mine doesn’t eat cauliflower, at all. So I was like, “noooo just try this please. It’s so good!” So now, let’s just say non-eating cauliflower friend, approves of Noor’s Deep-Fried Cauliflower. I also think that this is perfect for kids who are a bit scared of trying out vegetables. I swear this is highly addictive and you’ll never figure out what’s in it. It’s like all the flavors are exploding in your mouth all at the same time in every bite. What Chef Or shared is that the chopped cauliflower is deep-fried and then coated with their specially made Caesar aioli. One of their best-seller appetizers and a must-try!

Noor BGCNoor BGC

The Moroccan Shrimps (P470)

ANOTHER FAVORITE OF MINE! I love a nice fresh seafood that’s cooked perfectly and this dish is right up in my alley. Lathered in tzatziki sauce, or Greek yogurt with shredded cucumber, mint, garlic and Spanish vinegar, the shrimps are beautifully set over a bed of charred eggplants – make sure that you cover the shrimps with some tzatziki sauce!
Noor BGCNoor Modern Mediterranean Restaurant in Burgos Circle

Chicken Thigh (Php 620)

Suggested for two people but I think this is actually good for 3-4 pax. The chicken is marinated in Harrisa Aioli – a kind of Morrocan Chili paste and peppers then grilled to perfection. This dish is served with Syrian Rice (a combination of lentils, long grain rice – syrian rice grains mixed with herbs and spices). One of their best-sellers as the chicken is really tender, moist and full of flavors.
Noor Modern Mediterranean Restaurant in Burgos Circle

Knafe (P390)

For someone with a separate stomach for desserts, this Knafe easily won my heart. A dessert like no other, it is made of filo pastry that is then filled with ricotta cheese, then fried in butter. Covered in syrup and topped with yogurt ice cream when served. All sorts of creamy and buttery, I’d honestly go for a second round with this one.

Noor Modern Mediterranean Restaurant in Burgos CircleNoor Modern Mediterranean Restaurant in Burgos Circle, BGC

Noor Cocktails (P380/each)

Left: Leaning more on the sweet side as it made of Rum, Honey, Lime Juice, Angostura – it’s the perfect drink to have after a hearty meal here in Noor. While the drink on the right is a cocktail with gin, cucumber, lemon juice, tonic water, and fresh basil – super refreshing and I don’t mind having this with my meal. It’s so good that you won’t notice you’re on your 5th glass already. Woops!

So if you’re up for some Mediterranean infused dishes or just want to have a nice dinner around BGC – I highly recommend Noor. You will not be disappointed!


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