Why I will no longer go back to my old waxing salon

Without question, salon grooming services have become way more popular than they used to be. And for good reason. You don’t have to deal with the daily tedium of shaving. The messiness of DIY creams. Or the inefficiency of at-home kits. But where you go for your hair removal treatments make a world of a difference.

I used to think that waxing salons were all the same. They offered the same service after all. But then I visited Hey Sugar and I found out: not all waxing salons are made equal.

Quality and service is what makes Hey Sugar stand out from everyone else. Where most salons are cold, methodical, and straightforward, Hey Sugar is warm, inviting, and uncomplicated. You don’t feel that inherent sense of foreboding that you usually associated with a painful, but necessary, procedure.


For starters, Hey Sugar’s hot waxing process isn’t painful—it’s luxurious, pampering, efficient. The staff can be counted on to be discreet and comforting, instead of direct and curt. Essentially you feel like grooming is a part of your “me time,”—you’re not in line for a chore that the yourself nor the staff wants to complete.

So ask me again why I will no longer go back to my old waxing salon…

It’s because I discovered I don’t have to, with Hey Sugar.

Hey Sugar Chelinumerable

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