Australia is a large and diverse country rich in unique culture and wildlife found nowhere else in the world. All the gate away cities within the country have a distinct vibe and personalities that bring a different view to visitors of what Australia really is. All the cities are glamorous and serve as a perfect destination for foodie fanaticism, festival enthusiasts, cultural maniacs, and wildlife and nature lovers.

Outback Tours and Tourist Spots – Here are the Top Three Cities That You Can Visit in AustraliaOutback Tours and Tourist Spots – Here are the Top Three Cities That You Can Visit in Australia

Here are some cities that you can visit for tourism and some outback tours experience while in Australia.


Sydney is one of the best cities in Australia and serves as an ideal destination for both international and local tourist from all walks of life.

This energetic, cool, and vibrant city has numerous culture and attraction sites, including bustling nightlife, award-winning shows and entertainment, classic dining opportunities, idyllic beaches, and wildlife conservation centers.

The harbor city has crowned itself with extraordinary cultural festivals that bring a splash of color into the city. The most recognizable and a must attend the festival is the Vivid Sydney Festival, that takes place in mid-May and June at the iconic Sydney Opera House.

For the sports enthusiast, Sydney Olympic Park is the place to be, it serves as home for the 2000 Olympic competitions.

Nature lovers are also not left behind, Sydney is home to several enchanting national parks and attractions sites, for instance, you can take a free tour of the Royal Botanic Garden to watch a multitude of bird species, native kangaroos, and crocodiles.


Melbourne is a vibrant metropolitan city that serves as a gateway to Victoria’s natural springs, alpine villages, magnificent coastline, world-class wineries, and peninsulas.

For art and sports lovers, the city doesn’t disappoint as it’s the epicenter of vibrant culture, sports, and art. Have a city tour and explore the world-class graffiti alleys of Melbourne city that offers a jaw-breaking experience for first-timers.

Furthermore, you can watch an electrifying cricket match at the Melbourne cricket ground with a capacity of 100,000 seats and considered to be the world’s largest cricket ground.

Additionally, you can soak up the Melbourne’s coffee culture by drinking some sweet coffee with friends and family in one of the hidden cafés lining the city streets.

A tour to Melbourne is not complete until you visit some of the city’s wildlife destination spots. To get some nature feel, head to the Phillip Island where you will have a chance of seeing the world famous little penguins scurrying across the sand after long day fishing at the sea.

Little penguins aside, there is much more wildlife to please. The most impressive ones are the fur seal colonies at Seal Rock, the Koala at the Koala Conservation Centre, and the kangaroos at the Philip Island Park.

Finally, you can have more fun with your family and friends by visiting Luna Park. This amusement park has been in operation for decades and has all the imaginable classics, including a ghost train, a hall of mirrors, and a rickety roller coaster. Click here to find out more on how you can enjoy going to amusement parks.


Darwin is a laidback, peaceful, and quiet capital of the Northern Territory with strong Asian and Aboriginal influences.

If experiencing other culture is on your bucket list, Darwin is the place to discover and learn about Aboriginal culture. The city has Aboriginal art galleries and museums where various styles of indigenous painting and extraordinary landscape pictures are displayed and explained.

If your prime motivation is to taste the Australian delicacies, then Kakadu Festival is the perfect place for you. The festival offers foodies an opportunity to eat the Australian indigenous foods, whether the Kakadu plum that is rich in vitamin-c or barramundi fish.

Additionally, visitors can also ditch the hustle and tussle of the city life and head for the adventurous extravaganza at Mary River in Kakadu National Park. It’s just a couple of hours from Darwin. Here you will find epic waterfalls, plunge pools, vast wetlands, and swimming holes.

But it’s most famous for its fearsome “Salties” or the saltwater crocodiles, you are sure to spot one of these killers from a safe distance basking in the sun particularly around the Shady Camp Billabong. You can go to this link: to know more about these reptiles.

You can also sight wild horses, buffalos, wallabies, and all manner of bird species (black-necked storks, brolgas, jacana, sea eagles, magpie geese jabiru, egrets, and ibris).