If you are planning to go on a memorable and unforgettable holiday in San Diego, you may want to check out whale watching San Diego. Every year between mid-December to April, more than 20,000 gray whales make a 10,000 mile round-trip from Alaska to Baja California as the females give birth to their calves.  The warm waters in Baja California enable the young to grow strong and in spring, they will make their journey north again.  This annual migration is an extraordinary spectacle to observe.  The gray whales usually travel alone or in pods of two or three.  These giants are the width of a basketball court and cruise at an average speed of about six miles per hour.

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If you plan to visit San Diego in the summer, then you may check out the blue whales, which are the largest creatures on earth and are among the most endangered of the great whales. These magnificent mammals who can be 100 feet long, can be seen spouting a 30-foot column of water in the air which can be seen from miles away.  Why San Diego?  Well, the changes in ocean temperatures and abundance of krill over the past several years have attrracted more blue whales to San Diego’s coast than in the past.  Blue whales tend to be found further out to the sea than their grey counterparts. Therefore it is recommended to venture on a boat trip rather than viewing from the shore. Private sailing charters San Diego can be arranged.

Remember to bring a camera, preferably with a zoom lens to capture these breath-taking sights.  Do not forget your sunglasses, and a jacket in case the weather cools when you are further out onto the sea.  Whale-watching is often the must-do activity in San Diego.  You can marvel at the pods of these magnificent creatures as they pass by San Diego’s coastline.

Another must-do is the sunset cruise San Diego.  Cruise the coastal waters off San Diego during sunset.  This evening boat trip allows you to take in epic views of the sun setting behind the Pacific Ocean’s horizon.  There is nothing like watching the last rays of the sun dropping into the waves.