Batam Indonesia Mehdi Alijate

Last November, after my birthday weekend celebration, I flew to Singapore to visit my family. Little did I know that during this trip, I would meet someone so special (who is now my boyfriend ❤). Anyway, that’s for a different post because as this title reads – this is all about a weekend Trip to Batam, Indonesia.


I’ve been going back and forth to Singapore but never really explored the idea of traveling to other islands/countries nearby that are a speedboat or bus away. (I’ve been to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before and I flew there from Manila – but if you’re in Singapore, you can also travel by land to KL. Just in case you didn’t know.) Also, when I went to Singapore couple of months ago, I didn’t really plan on traveling because I was there for work at the same time. But, I am so glad I did!

Batam, Indonesia is so close to Singapore. Literally just across the water and it takes approximately 40 minutes via speedboat. Batam is very famous for people in Singapore as the place provides a quick weekend getaway and is way cheaper than Singapore (food, shopping, watersports, massages, etc).

Batam Indonesia Mehdi Alijate

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I found Batam as a nice escape from Singapore and if you like exploring new places – I recommend coming here. Just a heads up, Batam is not the kind of tourist spot that you need a long list of itinerary and places to visit since Batam is famous for its spas, resorts, and shopping centers. Talk about that much needed R&R without spending so much $$$.

The Experience:

We left Singapore in the evening, after Mehdi’s work and we met at the Harbourfront to catch the speedboat. The whole process and boarding was pretty smooth. There were no queues at all (probably because we were almost late – no thanks to me lol). Since you’ll be leaving Singapore, there’ll be Immigration Counters, so make sure you have your passport with you! And no, Filipinos don’t need to get a visa if you’re traveling to Batam, Indonesia.

We arrived in Batam and had a bit of a hard time booking Grab (hello, Indonesia). So we took a taxi to take us to Allium Hotel which is in the city center and not too far from the port. After checking in, we walked around and found a small local place for dinner by the streets. Of course, I had to order Nasi Goreng.

Depends on what you are planning in your trip, I don’t suggest you stay in the city center, except if you’re going shopping as the malls are pretty nearby and you can walk to it. We went to one to buy their famous Lapis Cake to bring back to my family and we just walked. Love how safe it was there!

Batam Indonesia Mehdi Alijate

After buying the pasalubong, Mehdi and I transferred to Best Western and it was such a good idea because the pool was amazing and just what we needed.  And this view was something special. We had the perfect weather so we chilled by the pool the whole afternoon. In the evening, we checked out their rooftop bar and then had dinner by the pool. Best Western was doing a seafood dinner bbq buffet and it was absolutely delicious. I love a good fresh seafood and they had it. To finish the night, we had a nice relaxing massage since the hotel has their own spa.

Batam Indonesia Mehdi Alijate

Best Western was so much better than Allium Hotel in terms of the rooms, facilities, etc. Location is a bit harder as the former is not in the city center, so you can’t really walk around and have to catch a taxi if you would like to go around. But, in this area, you can book a Grab unlike the other areas of Batam. 

There are other activities too that you can do in Batam like ATV, Jetski, Kayak, Wakeboard, etc. We didn’t get to do that in this trip as we were just really keen in chilling, but maybe next time?

(Guys, I’m so sorry I dont have enough photos and details as I didn’t really expect that I’ll be blogging about this. But I received a couple of PMs and DMs, asking me about Batam so I’m trying my best to put everything that I remember haha. Next time it will be more detailed!)