Who says grown-ups can’t throw incredible outdoor birthday parties? Here are a few unforgettable party ideas that will bring out the big kid in you.

1. Classic Barbecue Party

Take your barbecue party to the next level by providing your guests with a menu that includes at least three different options. Burgers, hot dogs and steaks are a great start.

2. Botanic Garden Party

If you’re looking for classy Austin party rentals for your birthday celebration, try San Diego Botanic Garden. There’s plenty of space to spread out and mingle, and you won’t need to worry about bringing your own photo backdrops.

3. Dance Party

Parties and dances go together so naturally, it would be a shame to exclude one during your upcoming birthday party. Consider booking party rentals Los Angeles so you have plenty of room to bust your best moves.

4. Bar Party

Help your guests relax by giving them plenty of creative cocktails to sample. Use fresh herbs and fruits and fancy water dispensers to take your party over the top.

5. Backyard Games

Celebrate growing older by indulging in youthful games. Ideas include donut-eating contests, outdoor bowling and water balloon fights.

6. Campfire Gathering

If you’re holding a summer evening party, a campfire can become the focal point of your event. Add s’mores and other treats to make the firepit even more appealing.

7. Themed Parties

Adding a theme to your party can instantly take it from ordinary to unforgettable. Choose popular themes like Stranger Things or Game of Thrones to make the event exceptional.

8. Spa Party

If you want to wind down, a spa party can be just what the doctor ordered. Treat yourself and your guests to foot soaks, manicures and other spa-worthy treatments.

9. Nacho Bar

Who doesn’t love nachos? Create a low-key party by offering your guests a scrumptious nacho bar complete with all the toppings they could possibly want.

10. Murder Mystery

A murder mystery party is the perfect way to ensure your guests have a good time. Murder mystery games can provide hours of entertainment and interaction.