My favorite Canadian coffee chain brand is now doing its own take of the fully hyped drink in the Philippines – milk teas! Tim Hortons® Milk Tea is made from Tims® signature brewed black tea, sweetened with vanilla base and sugar poured over a bed of coffee jelly.

You can customize your drink by adding a shot of caramel or hazelnut or if you’re feeling extra indulgent both. You can event adjust the sweetness to your preference.

This tea and milk concoction is a flavorful and refreshing afternoon drink for those who want the taste of tea combine with the sweetness or sugar.

  • Tim Hortons® Milk Tea is priced at Php110 (Small), Php125 (Medium), and Php135 (Large).
  • Flavor shots of caramel or hazelnut can be added to the drink for an additional Php20.
Tim Hortons® Milk Tea is available at the following select branches— Tim Hortons® Net Quad, Tim Hortons® SM City San Lazaro, Tim Hortons® CEU, Tim Hortons® U.N. Square Mall, Tim Hortons® SLC Building, Tim Hortons® L’Ermitage, Tim Hortons® Uptown Mall, Tim Hortons® Greenhills Shopping Center, Tim Hortons® Pearl Plaza, and Tim Hortons® San Lorenzo Place.

Tim Hortons® is all about letting you customize your drink and sandwich

Customers can customize not just the Tim Hortons® Milk Tea but also the Red Eye Iced Capp – their popular ice blended coffee drink with an extra shot of espresso (add Php40 for extra shot) for that much needed boost.

Bagel and Artisan Grilled Cheese

Meat option: Bacon, ham, pepperoni, steak, or chicken strips (grilled/crispy) (add Php50 for any protein) (add Php35 for ham)

Cheese: Cream cheese, mozzarella, American cheese or cheddar cheese (add Php25 for cream cheese) (add Php15 for any cheese slice)

Vegetables: Lettuce, tomato, onion (add Php15 for any vegetable)

Extra sauce: Garlic mayo, chipotle, ranch, honey (add Php25 for any sauce) (add Php10 for honey)