My office before was around Ayala, Makati and I was honestly struggling to find a place to eat healthy. A business district that’s surrounded by fast food chains, it’s refreshing to know that along Valero is a restaurant that serves not only healthy dishes but a unique one too!

Fantaste is a Chinese restaurant but not what we’re all used to see here in the Philippines. Fantaste offers authentic Hunan and Guangdong specialties but in this post I’ll be highlighting their Claypot dishes.

If you aren’t familiar – Claypot rice is traditionally cooked over a charcoal stove which gives the dish a distinct flavor. It is often served with dark soya sauce topped with Chinese sausage, chicken or beef, mushrooms, and vegetables.

When I first walked in, Fantaste restaurant was full of Chinese hence how I know that this place is legit and really do serve authentic Chinese food haha!

The menu can be a bit intimidating but don’t be shy to ask about the food so you can order something that you really like (don’t you hate ordering food that you end up not liking because you didn’t understand the menu? Because same haha)

Fantaste is the first authentic Claypot rice restaurant in Manila and currently offers 17 Claypot dishes. I personally love the Spareribs with Black Bean Sauce and I paired it with Cantonese Steamed Vermicelli Roll as an appetizer. You won’t really realize at how filling these are until you finish it all.

I love how Claypot rice dishes are made because the pot  that they serve your food in is where your food was cooked. So the rice retains all the flavor of your toppings and surprisingly, the rice isn’t dry or overcooked.

Fantaste Restaurant Steamed multiple preserved ham
Fantaste Restaurant Braised Tofu

Fantaste Restaurant

Chicken Drumstick
Fantaste Restaurant Pot Stewed Fowl Mixed Fried
Fantaste Restaurant Eggplant with minced pork
Fantaste Restaurant
Fried meat with chili
Fantaste Restaurant Cumin Beef
Fantaste Restaurant Mushroom and Chicken Rice
Fantaste Restaurant
Braised Beef Brisket
Fantaste Restaurant Spareribs with black bean sauce
Fantaste Restaurant Pork belly stir-fried long beans
Potato Braised Pork Ribs
Fantaste Restaurant Hot and Sour Chicken Giblets
Fantaste Restaurant Pork belly stir-fried long beans
Braised pork with preserved vegetable
Stir-fry squid with soy sauce

Fantaste Restaurant accepts bulk orders (you’ll actually save some money when you do) and they also offer delivery around Makati, BGC, Pasay and Ortigas. Follow them on their social media accounts just search Fantaste Restaurant or at +63 2 851 9256.

Fantaste Restaurant Delivery
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