The transgender community is diverse where its members come from all walks of life. They come from different places, races, and ethnic backgrounds. Trans people could be moms, dads, brothers, sisters, friends, classmates, workmates, neighbors or they could be anyone.  

So what does it mean to be transgender? 

The term “transsexual” or “transgender” refers to people whose identified gender is different from what was assigned to them at birth.  Some trans people could identify themselves as male or female, while some identify themselves as genderqueer, non-binary, or agender. Commonly, trannies merely identify themselves as men or women while some are very open to identifying themselves as just transgender. If you want to understand and know more about trannies, you can click here

Despite the elevation of the transgender community in recent years, there still seems to be a resistance to accept them by cisgender (not transgender) people. The refusal to accept trannies by the rest of society has led to instances of discrimination to trans people.  The society’s lack of openness for transgender communities has also resulted in several challenges for them. Such challenges include lack of legal protection, poverty, harassment and stigma, anti-LGBT+ violence, barriers to health care, and lack of identity documents.   

To cope with the problems that they are facing, some members of the online community engage themselves in various activities. One of such activities is online dating. Online dating is the practice of finding for a partner, be it romantic or sexual, on the internet through a dedicated website. It is a system that allows people to search and introduce themselves to new people on the internet, normally to establish and develop personal relationships. To get a better grasp about what is online dating and its history you can visit this site:  

Online dating has made looking for a partner very convenient for everyone where finding a match has become so much easier than it used to be. Dating sites offer a wide array of “members” trying to find their match. If you want to become a member, you simply have to put some of your personal information out on the site and wait for other members to reach out to you; or you could also reach out or reply to other members’ advance and messages. If you find a match, you could just contact each other, set a date and that’s it, you got yourself a date. 

The rapid growth in the online dating market has attracted a considerable amount of people including the transgender community. With so much discrimination against trannies, online dating has become the best source of refuge for them from the rolling eyes of the public who cannot understand them. Moreover, there are online dating sites exclusively designed for the trans community. Trannies, through dating sites, can find a partner who they want to date or just have a casual hook-up with. 

Here are some of the best dating sites for trans people: 

My Transsexual Date is a dating website dedicated to transgender and transvestites. On this website, you will find thousands of transgender men and women who prefer transsexual women. You can also find matches from the United States, Europe, or anywhere from all over the world. What makes My Transsexual Date even better is that the team behind the site is essentially comprised of transgender people which means they can relate to the challenges that a tranny has to go through just to find somebody to date and someone to love. 

If you are looking for a long term relationship then My Transgender Cupid is the site for you. My Transgender Cupid is strictly focused on creating long term relationships and the site’s main goal is to help transgender and eligible men to find love.   

Trans Single focuses on creating serious relationships rather than random hook-ups. Members’ compatibility is rated on a unique algorithm system to form perfect matches. With this innovation, the site can accomplish its goal to create long term relationships. This site is ideal for trans men and women who are looking for a long term commitment. 

There have been countless efforts to address the challenges that the trans community is facing. Trannies should expect to feel better soon. Even when society has yet to fully open its doors, there is a lot of effort to address the current situation. Bills are being filed and society is slowly getting an education in gender, sexual orientation, and preference. There are struggles but there can also be no growth without any scuffle. Always remember that the fight for equality and equity has been long and strong. There have been a lot of victories but there are still a lot more battles to fight. Stay strong trannies!