Most of us sometimes work for long hours each day, trying to meet targets and beat deadlines. This often comes with a lot of pressure and sometimes can make you feel low and broken down, especially when you can’t reach your expectations. 

When this happens to you, all you need is a break. Taking a break from all that busy schedule and the pressure that comes with it can help you to relax your mind and get yourself together. Different people will always try out different things to have a piece of mind. 

However, if you want to do it in style where you can enjoy every bit of the experience, consider going for a Catamaran cruise in Mauritius. With that said, below are a few places you can consider visiting for a sailing vacation in Mauritius. See more about this here:

  • Blue Bay to Ile Aux Cerfs

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to sail through crystal clear waters? Well, taking a sailing trip from Blue Bay to Ile aux Cerfs offers you that, among other things. You will also get to enjoy some great breathtaking sceneries as you sail along the southeast coast of Mauritius. 

As you navigate, you will be making occasional stops along the way to enjoy various sites. For instance, visiting the largest lagoon in the Mauritian East coast for snorkeling. This will allow you to explore marine life under the water and get to see tropical fish with bright colors and amazing corals, among other things. 

The cruise will also take you through the canal that’s between Ile Aux Cerfs, the sanctuary of Anahita, and later drop you off on the popularly known white-sand shores of Ile Cerfs. You can always engage in other fun activities while at the banks before embarking on your sail back to where it started. 

The trip usually takes about one and a half to two hours each way and includes a full BBQ lunch and an all-day open bar that serves drinks and beverages.

  • sunset catamaran in the north of Mauritius

If you are on vacation in Mauritius with family, friends, or just your partner, taking the sunset cruise trip along the northern coast might be the perfect way to end your day.

The legendary sunset experience is always popular for many, and it gets even much better when you get to watch it from the sea. As you are enjoying the experience, you will also be treated to some great snacks and cocktails as part of the trip. 

The trip always starts at 5 pm from Grand Bale, situated in the North of Mauritius and always ends at 7 pm when you will be back from the trip. The best experience is when the sun turns golden, the winds calm down, and the sky gets painted with amazing hues and colors. 

This is always a fantastic scenery for many to see and brings out the perfect ambiance for romance. This cruise sounds like fun.

  • Catamaran dolphin

Do you love swimming? Have you ever imagined what it’s like swimming with the dolphins? If this sounds like something you would want to try out, take a trip down to Benitier Island in Mauritius. 

Not only will you get the chance to swim with the dolphins, but also you will be able to see the beautiful crystal rocks and get to enjoy a variety of various delicacies down there. 

The trip always takes around 7 to 8 hours and is usually packed with a lot of fun activities, including swimming with the dolphins in their natural habitat.

One good thing about these trips is that, everything is catered for and inclusive in the one-time fee you are going to be charged before joining the cruise. 

This includes transportation from your hotel to the pickup point and back again.Click here to find out more about the catamaran trips.

Top Places For A Sailing Vacation On A Catamaran In Mauritius


As mentioned before, taking a vacation is an excellent way of relieving yourself from all that pressure and stress from work. Of course, there are a lot of places you can visit. But, if you ever find yourself visiting Mauritius, consider these places mentioned above for some great relaxing experience. Mauritius is, with no doubt, a beautiful country with a lot of great places to visit. Since you might have a tough decision to make on which sites you should visit, you can start with the areas mentioned above for a guaranteed enjoyable experience.