Whitewater Rafting: Tips for Safety

White water rafting is an experience that is very enjoyable and memorable. It can look very dangerous and intimidating but as long as you are with an expert and capable hands and you have abided with the safety measure too then there is really nothing to worry about. 

This activity is done in rivers using inflatable boats or kayaks for single and double paddlers. White water rafting is usually done as a group with at least two or 3 guides to help navigate the river. The white water refers to the bubbles that are made where there are rapids. 

Rapids are produced when the surface of the river is uneven thus making the flow of water uneven which will then cause it to make bubbles. In this area, it is more difficult to swim and float but boats are capable of traversing such conditions. However, it can become a bit turbulent when you are in the rapids and it may cause boats to capsize. 

Because of the dangerous nature of white water rafting, your safety is of utmost importance and you need to know what to do to achieve such. Here are some tips on how to keep safe while white water rafting. For more information, you can visit sites like orangetorpedo.com.

Pick a Licensed Professional

If you are new to this activity and are not an expert in such then you will need a guide to help you traverse the river safely. It is of utmost importance that you do not do this by yourself without the proper training and experience. White water rafting can be very dangerous and can cause death if you are not careful. By this reasoning, it is important to choose a guide who is licensed and has a lot of experience. This will ensure that you will be in safe hands and that nothing bad will happen to you. 

Having professionals to guide you may not be the cheapest option as there will be other guides without a license who are willing to take you for lesser payment. However, do not gamble your safety for a little saving. Your life is worth a lot more than what you can save. Make sure that you, your family or your friends are safe doing this activity. This way, you can fully enjoy the experience and eventually come back for more. 

Whitewater Rafting: Tips for Safety

Life Jacket

It is essential that you wear a lifejacket. Touring companies will definitely offer you one. Never, for any reason, take your life jacket off while riding the boat. The rapids are dangerous and if you don’t have a life jacket on, you can drown easily. Do not try to show off that you can swim. The currents of the rapids can push you in multiple directions where you can get injured. It is better to be sure and always wear a life jacket to ensure your safety. 

Protective Gear

One of the gears that one must always wear in these activities aside from your life jacket is a helmet. There will be rocks everywhere and the current of the rapids can push you to the rocks below or the rocks at the side. You need to make sure that your head is protected and that is why you need to wear a helmet. 

You can also wear protective gear for your knees and elbows but those are optional. What is really important is that you stay afloat if you fall off your boat and that your head is protected from the rocks all around you. Click herefor a list of protective gears for this activity. 

Wear the Right Clothes

There are no rules on what you can or cannot wear in the river. You can choose to wear a dress if you want to. However, it is always best to wear something light and comfortable when doing this activity. 

Also, wear something that will not get very heavy when wet so that you will be able to move freely. You will definitely get wet doing this activity even if you don’t fall off the boat. There will also be a lot of paddling to be done so it is better to wear light clothes so that you can paddle with all your strength.