As a society, we have more opportunities to travel now than we ever did in the history of the world – and it’s good for us, as you can read here. But with everything so open, it can be hard to decide where to go to. Abbotsford agencies now offer more variety in destinations than ever as well. All of the stars are aligned for you to take your pick.

Best Places To Travel To With Abbotsford Travel Services and Travel Agents

In the new year, you probably want some amazing adventures and cultural inspiration. Maybe to see some one-of-a-kind events and sights too. 

Well, here’s a list of destinations that you should definitely visit in 2020, and some of the reasons why. 

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, a perfect harmony of culture and nature. And while the capital of Austria, Vienna, is a lot more popular, Salzburg has some unique offers this year that you can’t afford to miss.

Aside from mesmerizing landscapes, decorated with twinkle lights and fairytale-like buildings – especially so in December and January, when covered in snow – Salzburg will also provide for a lot of cultural uplifting. 

For one, you shouldn’t miss the 100 years of the Salzburg Festival where the entire city will be a stage, as founders say. There will be art and music exhibits, operas, museums and all of that which makes Salzburg so great. 

In the meantime, you can enjoy the food in Salzburg, especially Mozartkugel pralines, find peace in the forests and countryside or simply roam through more museums if you’d like. In fact, here’s a list of things to do while you’re there:

Caesarea, Israel

This coastal town in Israel is a perfect combination of that antique, Roman feel, and modern style that allows for comfort. Caesarea is also a national park, on the location of an old Roman harbor, built more than 2000 years ago. 

So, if it’s been there for two millennia, what makes it worth visiting right now? 

Well, all of that is celebrated this year with a brand-new King Herod’s Center for Visitors which is built in the huge vaults and displays some of the most interesting archaeological findings. There you can see colorful mosaics and other objects retrieved from sunken ships. 

There are plenty of picturesque places to eat at, and just as many more historic sites to roam through. If you’re more of an adventurist, you can dive and explore ancient Rome remains below the sea. 

Chilean Lakes

Best Places To Travel To With Abbotsford Travel Services and Travel Agents Chilean Lake

This is the place to be in December 2020. It’s an amazing spot to see the solar eclipse, but it also offers more. 

There are clear skies and even clearer waters surrounded by world-class landscapes. It offers myriad opportunities for adventure as well – you can go rafting, fishing, and biking. Of course, for more romantic souls, there’s no better place to go stargazing than here. 

You can get some of the best food that comes straight from local farms to lodges near the lake. 

Doha, Qatar

Doha may seem distant – and you may have already booked a trip for the FIFA World Cup in 2022 – but there’s a good reason to visit it in 2020 as well. 

For years now, Doha has been developing and growing as a cultural hub of the world, with some of the most ravishing museums opened there in the last few years. In fact, the National Museum of Qatar opened last year, and it offers some of the most amazing collections. In addition to that, you can go to Mathaf, the museum of modern art and Islamic art. 

Transportation around the city to all these interesting places is made easier because of the new underground railway. And there’s plenty of places to eat at and lodge at – from the new Mandarin Oriental to Al Najada Doha Hotel. 

Both of these hotels are found in Old Doha, a walking distance from some of the best historical locations and the famous street market. 

Kyoto, Japan

Sports fans will probably already be there for the Olympics this summer, but there are more reasons to visit this beautiful city in 2020. 

A new art museum has been opened in October and it features Kyoto artists of today as well as historic artists since the Edo period. There will be a new art museum arrival in March with the Kyocera Museum of Art. 

There are plenty of different hotels to stay at, from the Japanese traditional to more familiar places and luxury lodges at the hillside. Many come with marvelous gardens that you can gaze at from your room. Check with your local Abbotsford travel agency to see whether your hotel offers such a garden – it can be an amazing experience to walk along those pathways while smelling cypress and listening to creeks gurgling along. 

Paros, Greece

Best Places To Travel To With Abbotsford Travel Services and Travel Agents Greece

Greece may seem like mass tourism flooded it, but the truth is that there are still some places in this country that have been forgotten and still retained their rugged charm. For example, there’s Paros, an island in the Cyclades. While it’s near Santorini, this island is still very rarely visited. 

So, if you are looking for a place to go to this summer that has not yet been found by too many tourists, Paros has a treat for you. You can still enjoy the famous Greek houses and narrow streets, but with fewer people around you. 

There are some amazing restaurants and resorts which fit in with the landscape. You can go on many adventures in nature or on the sea, as well as explore some of the more historical aspects of the island. 

Rijeka, Croatia

Croatia’s coastline has been enjoying a steady rise in popularity, with some of the biggest movies of the year being filmed there, and tourists already enjoying its beaches. However, not all of Croatia has been discovered by mass tourism yet.

Rijeka is one of the cities along the Adriatic coastline which offers glorious beaches, Baroque architecture and some of the most interesting cultural celebrations. In fact, this year Rijeka will become Croatia’s third city to become the European Capital of Culture. 

Because of this, the city has planned plenty of interesting events – concerts, art exhibitions, parties along the streets and so on. You can also expect some amazing literary events and immersive historic experiences at museums. 

In April, a new Hilton resort will be opened to public, and there are plenty of other places to stay at. One of the events the public is most hyped up about is the opening of the Galeb ship which belonged to Yugoslavian former president Tito. It’s been refurbished and turned into a museum. So, there are plenty of places to enjoy in Rijeka this year.