Movida Fashion Food + Club in Poblacion, Makati City

There’s a new restaurant in Poblacion, Makati that literally serves almost every dishes you could possibly think of.

Cafe restaurant and co-working spot in the morning til dinnertime to lounge bar and restaurant (with live music) from 9pm onwards, Movida Fashion Food + Club is one of the game changers in the local F&B industry.

The literal meaning of Movida in Spanish is movement. However, it can also translate into a street party or an underground movement. A name that encapsulates such colorful and lively place where people can move, dance and have fun.

Located in the corner of P. Burgos and General Luna (same building of “A Long Time Ago”), you’ll be amazed to find this beautiful and spacious restaurant that can fit up to 100 people. The ambiance is very inviting and you can choose to seat on the couch, table or the high bench.

Personally, if I’ll be working on my laptop, I’ll be on the high bench, if catch up lunch or afternoon date, I’ll be on the table, and on evenings for the live bands, I will go for the couch for that ultimate comfort.

Here’s a little sneak peek of what they offer:

Movida Health Mix

Movida offers healthy fruit juices perfect for breakfast or afternoon breaks. Pictured above are:

Lipsip: Orange, Carrot, Turmeric, Giner P290

Lifesaver: Watermelon, Pineapple, Orange P290

These two are my favorites out of the 4 Healthy Mixes.

Fun fact: Movida uses eco-friendly Wheat straws


Patatas Bravas P230

Garlic Butter Shrimp P360

Beef Carpaccio P460

Fully Loaded Nachos P415

Beef Salpicao P480

They have a good selection of appetizers, finger food and snacks that are perfect for sharing. You’ll notice that their menu ranges from Asian, Mediterranean to Western. As one of the owners, Ido Gurevich graciously hosted us and explained that there is no specific cuisine but more of a fusion. A mix of all the different dishes from different cuisines.

Movida’s menu changes from day to night, should you come in the evening and would like to order something from their day menu – you can ask one of the staff.

Aside from the menu, the ambiance and the mood changes as the lights dim and candles are lit on every table. Expect for the music to be more loud to get everyone in the mood for some dancing. By 9:30pm, the live music starts and on some nights, Movida features a DJ until closing time.

Chicken Quesadilla P335

Cold Cuts Platter P590

Grilled Cheese Sandwich P395

Grilled with bread, caramelized onions, Swiss and red cheddar cheese. Served with potato wedges and tomato soup.

Chicken Fingers P340

Smoked Salmon Salad P410

Smoked salmon, arugula, radish, capers, lemon, balsamic vinegar

Spicy Tuna & Salmon Salad P410

The concept of Movida Fashion Food + Club in Poblacion transitions from a space where people can come for a quick meeting and coffee and work on their computers during the day, have their lunch if their office is nearby and at night come for drinks and entertainment.

Salmon Tartare P455

Avocado Hosomaki P270

Tuna Hosomaki P290

Spicy Tuna Roll P370

California Roll P380

Movida’s menu consists of staple dishes from Japanese, Mexican, Western, European cuisine.

Browse through to see some of the food they offer.

Dragon Roll P420

Philadelphia Roll P390

Tamago Sashimi P195

Salmon Avocado Roll P390

Tuna Sashimi P375

Salmon Sashimi P395

Tuna Tataki with Truffle Cream P435

Salmon Tataki with Truffle Cream P455

Salmon Nigiri P190
Tuna Nigiri P180

We open from 11 am. We serve coffee, fresh juices, fresh shakes. We serve lunch and then we have a dinner menu.

After that by 9 pm, we shift from day menu into night menu where food options are limited, more on pica-pica. So we have only the appetizers, some tapas. We have some platters that is good for sharing and some sushi and Japanese menu.

So it’s more light food while drinking. We have a very large alcohol and wine selection. – Ido Gurevich

Grilled Salmon P575

Fresh catch of the day, seasoned and grilled to perfection. Served with risotto, sautéed vegetables, and sauce of your choice.

Truffle Mushroom Fettuccine P395

Fettuccine pasta tossed in creamy truffle mushroom sauce. Served with garlic bread.

Baked Lasagna P420

Layered pasta sheets with beef herbs and sauce. Served with garlic bread.

Lamb Chops P885

Australian lamb that’s been marinated and grilled to perfection. Served with mashed potatoes, sautéed vegetables, and sauce of your choice.

Beef Pot Pie P435

Homemade flaky puff pastry with rich meat sauce. Served with creamy mashed potato and mushroom gravy.


Blueberry Cheesecake P220

Apple Pie ala Mode P250

Brownies ala Mode P200

All the dishes in Movida are served fresh and flavorful. Also, the price point is very reasonable for such quality and delicious meals.

With endless options upon dining, you will definitely find something that will make you come back for more. I honestly don’t remember having anything that didn’t taste nice. From all the time that I visit, their food and service are consistently good. The staff is well-trained and very attentive – something that makes every dining experience more memorable.

I highly recommend Movida Fashion Food + Club in Poblacion, Makati for both day and nighttime.