Honestly, I remember just a little of how life was without the internet. I still do remember playing outside, taking afternoon naps, and watching television as a kid. You know, actual activities that didn’t involve mobile phones, tablets or computers. But as an adult without the access to what we have now, I can only imagine how hard it must have been.

I genuinely love how technology changed everything for us. I feel like it’s so convenient and accessible to do things nowadays. Here are some of the benefits I am personally thankful for:

1. Online Banking

If you’ve been to a local bank, I think you’d understand why that’s the first on my list. It would literally take half of your day for such a simple transaction because the service is slow and the queue can get too much.

2. Online Shopping/Grocery

This can be addicting if you have no self control haha the fact that the “Add to cart” button looks so attractive doesn’t really help. But seriously, it saves you so much time just by avoiding the traffic, going around the shops, queueing to pay and carrying back all the bags home.

Online shopping doesn’t just mean clothes, gadgets, etc. Did you know you can also get funeral caskets online? Wish I knew this before because when I lost my mom, we had to deal with going to actual shops canvassing and all that just to buy casket. Trust me, this is the last thing that you would want to do when you are grieving.

3. Stay in touch with friends and family

Ah, the magic of social media. Who would have thought we can still be connected to people that we love even miles away. Social media accounts just keep on getting better and better, from sharing photos and videos to making actual video calls live. Now, there’s just no excuse to not get in touch.

4. Watch your favorite shows and movies

Commercial-free. Still remember how you’d memorize the timeslots of your favorite shows and then always get interrupted of all these commercials? Sometimes I felt that the ads were taking so much time that the actual show I was watching. Now, almost everything, old and new, is available online.

How about you, what are your favorite benefits of being online?