Do you still ride your bicycle? Too many people have a bike but fail to use it on a daily or even yearly basis. Riding a bike is a fun and effective form of exercise, allowing riders to use a removable rear bike basket or saddle bag for transporting goods. If you don’t ride so much anymore, is it because of the fear of falling? If so, look into purchasing an adult tricycle. Not only do they exist, but they are also an absolute blast, and there are at least five excellent reasons to own one.

1. Stable Ride

As people age, their balance isn’t what it was when they were younger. Seniors, especially, need to worry about falls and injuries. An adult tricycle takes all the worry out of the bike riding experience. The three wheels ensure stability, making it nearly impossible to take a spill. However, beyond balance, tricycles prevent injury through their design, with ergonomic handlebars and easy mounting and dismounting.

2. Carrying Capacity

Trikes are also excellent options for the avid rider and someone looking to lose a little weight. There are several bike mounts available for baskets and racks, allowing riders to carry supplies for an entire day, or go to the grocery store. Also, because of the three-wheel design and sturdy frame, many adult trikes are great bikes for heavy guys, with the bikes having higher than average weight capacities.

3. Maintained Health and Activity

Adult tricycles eliminate the difficulty of riding a bicycle. There is no need to worry about balance or injury because the bike’s design protects the rider, which means you get to enjoy the experience with none of the hassle. The more enjoyment you have, the more motivated you are to ride, which contributes to maintained health and activity, or ultimately a healthy lifestyle overall.

4. Environmental Benefits

People have a carbon footprint. All the activities you do throughout your day either contribute or take away from your environmental impact. With the threat of global warming, most people are looking for ways to reduce any habits that negatively affect the world. One of the most significant contributors to pollution is transportation. If you can alter your transportation habits by using an adult tricycle instead of your car, you significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

5. Reduced Stress

Do you remember when riding a bike was fun? When going for a ride around the block was freeing? Adult tricycles can make you feel like a kid again, without a care in the world. When you can take even 15 minutes out of your day to smile while pedaling down the street, you release endorphins and reduce stress. Riding a bike is an excellent way to improve your mental health.

Think about the last time you went cycling. Try to figure out why you stopped. If fear or boredom had anything to do with you backing away from the exercise, then purchase an adult tricycle and experience all the joy of childhood again. Don’t let age cripple you from one of the greatest forms of aerobic exercise.