I never really had a fixed morning routine until the quarantine started but for almost 2 months now, I’ve stuck to something that works for me (and will definitely continue to do it after the lockdown).

I wake up around 8am and I start with a 5 minute meditation. I find that starting the day with a clear headspace helps me improve my productivity and focus. Meditating is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, improves sleep quality, and strengthen your immune system – definitely a good idea to add this to your day.

After I do this, I grab my coconut oil bottle and use 1 tablespoon for oil pulling. You just basically swish the oil around your mouth for 20 minutes. You can find tutorials on YouTube if you want to try this.

While I’m waiting for the 20 minutes to pass, I do a full body dry brushing – click here to know more about it, make my bed, write a to-do list, check my emails and social media, fix my breakfast and prepare my yoga mat. Once that’s done, I brush my teeth and wash my face (depends on the day, I use a face mask).

For 20-30 minutes, I do yoga and workout. For yoga – I follow Yoga with Kassandra on YouTube and for workout, I do the ones that my PT gave me before and then added a few that I know works for my body. I also do some workouts from Pamela Reif, also on YouTube. I use my resistance bands/ropes that I got from @bootybandph to really activate my muscles. It’s very important to move your body, not just for physical reasons but also for your mental health.

I swear I feel energized after this and ready to start my day. Shower, breakfast (either with a hot cup of tea or iced latte – depends on how I feel), take my vitamins and then do my online courses. I always check up on my friends too because social distancing doesn’t mean you should isolate yourself completely.

If you can find the time to allot a little me-time in the morning, that would be great. I understand that we all have different lifestyles, so do what works for you best. But don’t forget to have self-care moments whenever you can ♥