aka work from bed tables

Back when I still didn’t have my proper desk and workspace, I was working all the time on my bed. Not ideal but I managed. I understand that it’s very tempting to just fall asleep and skip your tasks but find ways to help you focus so you can be productive. Mine was changing from my pajamas, making a to-do list, setting a schedule, click here to read more Work From Home Tips From People Who Do It Successfully.

I still have the tables because they can be used for other purposes. I’ll include details on where you can buy them online in case you’re interested.

This pink foldable table was the first one that I used. I like how this is foldable so when it is not in use I can store it away without having to worry about it taking so much space. The height of the table is perfect because I can slide my legs under it. It also has enough space for my mouse and notebook if I need to write something down (or for a plate and glass of water when I get hungry and can’t be away from my laptop for too long).

I can’t find the exact one in Lazada but this is pretty similar: Foldable Lazy Bed Desk/Portable mainstays Laptop Wooden Table for only 245pesos

The second one is the Byllan laptop support from Ikea. I either put it on top of the pillow or just on my thighs. I can also use this when I’m sitting on the couch. It has enough space for my laptop and my mouse. I bought it from Ikea when I was still staying in Hong Kong. I’ll update this post as soon as I can find an online store that sells this.

The last one, BRÄDA laptop support, is again from Ikea. The same as Byllan, I either use a pillow or just straight on my thighs. Can also be used when sitting down or on a desk so you get the proper screen to eye level. This laptop support can actually help you in getting the proper posture when used correctly to avoid neck strain. My mouse doesn’t fit on it so I just place it on my bed. I found someone who’s selling it on Carousell for 379pesos.

I use my mouse all the time when I’m using my laptop because if I just use the built-in trackpad, I find that it strains my wrist. So to avoid long term problems, I use an ergonomic vertical mouse. If you want to know more about it, you can Google the benefits of an ergonomic mouse.

I would love to hear about your WFH setup, DM me on Instagram: @chelinumerable so we can chat about it.