When I was a kid, I remember how picky I was when it comes to food. I wasn’t really the experimental type and would just stick to the flavors that I’m familiar with. That’s why when we were in the Middle East, I was very iffy with Arabic dishes.

But of course, that changed (just like everything else when you are growing up). Middle Eastern dishes are probably in my top 3 if asked for my favorite cuisines. There’s something about all the spices when mixed together, they create such a unique flavor – and let’s not forget about the aroma! Just a whiff of the kitchen would instantly make you feel hungry (even if you are not).

Being in an Asian country, the options for authentic restaurants that serve kebab or shawarma is limited. Sure, there are some but let’s be honest – the quality is so much different.

So here comes Shah Kebab, a concept that was born because of the lockdown by a Manila-based Persian foodie, Bobby Khazaie.

Authentic Persian Kebab & Shawarma Food Delivery in Manila

“I’ve been working on this for a couple of months already, but never had a perfect time to launch it till ECQ happens. I want people to taste authentic Persian food here in the Philippines, I myself, is the one making it. Most especially since I’ve been craving food from my home (Tehran, Iran) so why not share it also to people who loves Persian food, kebab and shawarma. I also have plans on cooking different meals in the future, what we have right now is only our initial menu. ” – Bobby Khazaie, owner of Shah Kebab PH

Knowing that the food is cooked and prepared by someone who really knows what Persian food should taste like, I just had to try it! I ordered Mix Diamond and Chicken Kebab P195 and upgraded the rice to Basmati by adding P25, Kebab Shawarma P90 and Shah Kebab’s Yogurt Drink P50.

I was able to get up to 2 servings from this 1 order of Mix Diamond and Chicken Kebab. The meat was nicely grilled. It was tender and well-flavored. This comes with a creamy garlic yogurt sauce.

Shah Kebab is purely online and relies on delivery. They accept orders every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. The owner gets everything fresh and grills it right before the delivery and time that the customers prefer.

“For payments we accept BDO & BPI while for we charge for delivery depending on the location. Clients have the option of booking Grab or Lalamove.” Mr. Khazaie adds

The Kebab Chicken Shawarma was super packed and filled, the wrap can barely close – which is a good thing, trust me! I just had half of it and I was full already.

Shah Kebab’s Yogurt Drink is very familiar because I used to have it a lot when I was dating a Turkish guy in Australia. They call the drink Ayran.

No extra garlic sauce is included in the Shawarma. But Shah Kebab is generously adding sauce while making the wraps. Should you want yours to be more sauce-y, make sure to tell them so they can add more.

I will honestly order again from Shah Kebab PH, aside from the delicious food that they offer, the pricing is just right and such great value for money!

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