Since the lockdown a lot of homemakers are finding ways to cope with this “new normal”. Everything changed especially when it comes to the food industry – many people are now relying on food deliveries. Totally understandable since it’s still a hassle to go out and spend hours in the grocery queue.

With limited resources to cook and satisfy my cravings (because I personally try to avoid going out and risk catching the virus) and at the same time to support homemakers, I use Facebook or Instagram to search for small businesses who do food deliveries.

2 weeks ago, I really wanted Arabic Food – that’s how I stumbled upon Habibti Mama.

Habibti Mama serves homemade Arab Dishes and Desserts


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I ordered for 5pcs, Arabic Bread, Hummus, 6pcs Felafel, 4pcs Chicken Kebab and Qatayef (an Arab dessert commonly served during the month of Ramadan, like a sweet dumpling filled with coconuts, cheese or nuts. Almost like a folded pancake but with fillings). These lasted me 5 days as I mix it up with other meals that I have here at home.

The origins of Habibti Mama is very interesting as it comes from a love story between an Arab woman and a Filipino man, who have gone through so much hardship, including a war to boot, and building their lives from the scratch several times. The passion of the couple has always been food. When they lived in the Middle East, they introduced Filipino and other Asian food via their restaurant. Now in the Philippines, they have ventured into several businesses, but they still dreamt of introducing original Arab food to the Filipino market.


4pcs Chicken Kebab: 140 pesos

6pcs Felafel: 90 Pesos

Arabic bread: 15pesos/pc
Hummus (comes with 2 pcs of Arabic bread: 90pesos

Their two adult children, Zahra Bianca Saldua (a professional host, beauty queen, and Army reservist) and Chester Saldua (a professional basketball player), decided to help them create this business dedicated to their parents.
Habibti Mama means “my sweetheart mother”. She focuses mostly on the sweets. As for the savory foods, Habibti Mama presents Tito Ben’s, handled by her husband.

Knowing that the food is made by a real Arabic family, I knew I was in for a treat. It was my first time to try Qatayef and wow, it was hard for me to resist having one after another. I suggest to order the assorted ones so you can try all the fillings.

Rich with real Arabian spices, the dishes I tried really satisfied my cravings. Can’t wait to try more of what they offer.

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