When you go to a country you’ve always wanted to see, where do you start from, and where do you finish? Japan is a place that’s rich with history, culture, and great food. Many people know a lot about it, but there’s something special that makes the whole experience even better when you go there in real life.  

Arriving at the airport 

When you arrive at the airport, you’ll feel something different than you’re used to. As we all know, New York is exceptionally crowded and there’s a lot of traffic jams. Even if you’re coming off the streets of Manhattan, you’ll be surprised by how many people can be in one place simultaneously. Click here to read more. 

Japanese people prefer to travel by train, and when you get off the airport, that’s probably the method of transportation you’re going to use the most. There are employees who work at stations to push as many people in a cabin as possible. You might be surprised by so many people entering your personal zone, but that’s how the system works. 


Visiting Tokyo is a must on your list. It is the ultramodern technology capital of the world. The city looks like it was designed by a sci-fi movie director. There are so many weird things to do, lights are flashing everywhere, and you’re having a ton of fun in the meantime. The first things you’ll notice are the noise and the skyscrapers. View this link for more info https://jw-webmagazine.com/2018-tokyo-bucket-list-20-top-things-to-do-f7f1b4372a90/.

There are so many arcades where people play games. It seems like the whole city is a part of one giant virtual reality experience. On the other hand, the food is rich with history and full of taste. Even the best 

Japanese food restaurants in the world want to mimic the freshness of a simple Tokyo street seller. Seriously, it’s that good. All of the ingredients are fresh, and if you’re a foodie, you’re going to remember every meal. Remember to take pictures before you dive in.  

Since it’s the capital, there are so many things to do and so little time. You could start off by checking out a themed café. There are people dressed in costumes, also called cosplay, and depending on the place, you will feel a different vibe. Some of the most popular themes are anime characters, owls, robots, maids, and cats. 

The right amount of time you’ll need to see the most important things would be around five to six days. Don’t forget to visit Mt Fuji. The mountain is close to the city, and when you see it, that will be a sight that you’ll remember for a lifetime. There’s a beautiful lake called Ashi, which is 400 000 years old. It’s in the crater of a volcano, and you can see the inverted view of the mountain. 


Takayama is a city that’s lost in time. It’s almost forgotten by all of the tourists, and it’s a great way to compare the different style of life that occurs outside of Tokyo. All Japan Tours start in the capital, and then they progress to other cities. Takayama’s not crowded, the streets are small, and the houses have the ingrained tradition spilled into them.  

They’re made of wood, and they look stunning. There are also shrines that are vivid in their colors, as well as bright red bridges that go over rivers. When you get there, you’ll be surprised how much fun it is to stroll around town early in the morning before any crowds arrive.  

Make sure to buy a few pieces of fruit from the morning market that will make your day even better. As a snack, a great thing to try is mitarashi-dango. If you’ve ever watched “Clannad” or “Clannad: Afterstory,” those rice balls will have added sentimental value for you. If not, the soy sauce is extravagant, and it will make you fall in love with them. 

A few final words 

Japan hangs in the balance of a country that’s deeply traditional and highly advanced. These two worlds mix together and the blend they create is the most unique experience on Earth. The whole county is exceptionally clean and you will marvel at the attention to detail in every piece of architecture.