Flip-flop fashion trends explain the unique sentiment each summer brings. Sometimes, a particularly frenzied time of year feels like an extension of winter, especially when outfits made of drab fabrics linger on. Flipping through the sea of sandals and womens shoes online you’ll find there’s no shortage of white bottom wedges to help counteract negative energy creeping into your day.

Thongs are not your nana’s flip-flops

When it comes to flip-flops, many people think of a cloth strap connected to a spongy rubber sole and a rainbow. The sandal’s concept remains a classic, with the thong post in between your big toe and the long toe.

The evolution of ladies sandals, however, has produced luxurious styles that include leather straps, rhinestones and animal prints. If the straps look busy, you won’t need to add jewelry or accessories to your toes. If you prefer plain or solid straps, you could spice up your big toe with a ring or add a splash of color with some bright nail polish.

Platforms prove flip-flops are not just for the beach

Historically, flip-flop sandals could be seen on both men and women hanging out at the beaches. Their lightweight soles made it easy to walk through the sand and gave the impression that it’s time to chill.

The soles of flip-flops have become taller over the years. Today’s platform heels add to your height and can also be worn on or off the beach. Sandals made with insoles that shape themselves to fit your foot also reduce the stress on the balls of your feet. Finding womens shoes online with a couple of extra inches can give you an allure of confidence, whether you’re in a bikini or a cocktail dress.

White bottom sandals are the latest wedge trend

Wedge sandals were first created during the 1930s as orthopedic footwear. They didn’t become a respected fashion icon until the World War II era when they were seen all over the shoe markets. Because of their affordable cork materials, wedges quickly replaced the sandals that were made of the rubber and leather materials that the war made difficult to find.

Despite its critics, the wedge sandal seems to develop into a new incarnation with each summer season. Strap styles come in animal print, solids and buckles. When you want to keep it light on the feet this year, white bottom sandals can give you some style with a comfortable sturdy footbed.

Pair wedge soles with the office or beach

Long boho-chic dresses are in style and they’re making a bold statement by those who would rather break through the seemingly blended seasons. When it’s easy to lose track of the days and the weekends seem like an endless Wednesday, one of the last things you need is pressure on your feet.

White bottom sandals with chic straps add some cheerfulness to a day that might have brought a hefty schedule. A thick rubber wedge is sure to give you enough strength and balance to get through a packed itinerary.

Flip-flops can be referred to as thongs, t-sandals or clam diggers. Whether you’re heading out to the beach or stuck in the office, you’ll discover they’re comfortable enough to be worn just about anywhere. You’ll also find a wide array of choices to fit your personal style.