If you have Spain on your travel bucket list, you can’t miss out on Alicante. Nestled in the beguiling coastline of Costa Blanca, Alicante is a pristine tourist hotspot that you would enjoy visiting. Whether you are planning a weekend gateway or a business trip to a commercial city in Spain, this place is worth a sneak peek. 

While there are myriad things to explore in the city, a reliable means of transport can make traveling around much easier. There are a plethora of auto rental services in Alicante that can provide you with a car of your choice. You can simply hire one to comfortably traverse through the picturesque destinations in the city. 

Once you have your vehicle ready, simply plunge into the indulgence that awaits you. Here’s a list of top to-do activities that can enhance the thrill of your visit in and around Alicante.

Did you know that the name Alicante comes from the widespread white sandy beaches that extend like a necklace? If you are scouting for a spot that can offer you that perfect concoction of fun, rejuvenation, and a little time travel to European history, this coastal city would make just the right choice. 

Among the prime arresting things that draw your attention are the whitewashed houses that elevate the natural beauty of this Mediterranean town. From churches and museums to soaking yourself in the clear waters, you will never be short of things to do here. 

Sail away to the island of Tabarca 

For nature lovers who would like to immerse themselves in the enchanting beauty of Mediterranean flora and fauna, Tabarca opens its heart out to visitors with its island. You can dine at any of the restaurants and shop for memoirs from the shops in this quaint place. 

Just that spot where you can enjoy basking in the sun and walking along the beach, Tabarca can be visited via boats that run from the Alicante harbor. 

Postiguet beach

If you are an ocean lover, the Postiguet beach can’t be off your list. Known as one of the most stunning beaches of Alicante, this one is located flooded with tourists in the summer months. If you want to escape the bustling city, take off to the end of the Postiguet beach for a serener experience. You can unwind at any of the restaurants and beach bars as you munch on some delicious snacks and sip on your favorite cocktail.

The Alicante Tram trail

If you want to taste a piece of the rustic Alicante, the towns and villages are worth a visit. On your way, you can halt at Sam Juan and Altea to set your feet into the golden sand and the sparkling ocean water. If time allows, Altea is one town that will beckon you for years to come; thanks to its breath-taking backdrop.

A trip to the Santa Barbara Castle

If you are one of those travelers with a keen interest in treading the historical past of cities, de Santa Barbara Castle is a must visit. The architecture that dates back to the 9th Century is still alive in its preserved construction. The elevator can take you to the pinnacle from where you can sight the spectacular panoramic view. There’s also a market in the courtyard where you can shop for souvenirs.

La Explanada de Espana

Those red, black, and cream-colored tiled floorings are hard to miss. Yes, the La Explanada de Espana promenade was constructed in 1867 by the great architect Jose Guardiola Pico. You might just happen to stroll along the walkway lined by the tall palm trees that dramatically hoist its exquisiteness. 

The market stalls, the free-flowing crowd, and the elegance of the architecture all combine to offer a shopper’s unique experience. And yes, if you are looking for churros and coffee, this is the place!

Alicante’s famous ice cream parlor, Heladeria Borgonesse offers one of the best ice creams to satiate your craving. Treat yourself to your favorite flavors any time of the day you’re out there. If you are with your beloved, there’s nothing as tranquil an experience than to stroll down Marina. Try your choicest beverage at the special Soho café-cum-bar or groove to the classic jingles at any of the clubs around.

For nature lovers, Parque el Palmeral is the little garden city that you can visit with your friends, family, or even as a lone explorer. This gorgeous park is laced with inclined gardens and waterfalls. A great spot for a picnic, you can spend the entire day in the lap of nature. You can pick your food and drink from the kiosk and enjoy the withdrawal mode. 

Have been looking around for the best tapas? Simply take a tour to rate this dish that reserves a special rank in the quintessential cuisine menu. Hop from bar to bar as a local guide escorts you to the best tapas stops. You may consider exploring the neighboring areas such as Santa Cruz and La Rambla at this point. 

Basilica of Santa Maria 

Created in the 13th century, the Basilica stands tall with its identical towers. It is the ornamentally carved structure that makes it the center of attraction. Among the famous sculptures in the Basilica is that of Santa Maria herself. 

Here’s some interesting information on the historical structure at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bas%C3%ADlica_de_Santa_Maria_de_Castell%C3%B3_d%27Emp%C3%BAries

Kindle the wanderer within as you visit the Canelobre caves. The age-old stalagmite formations and the huge column above your head are good enough to bring out the explorative child in you. 

Gorgo de la Escalera 

If you are up for some canyon experience, you’ll enjoy scrambling up the cliff and hiking through the rivers. Undoubtedly, one of the most thrilling experiences one can have in Alicante, Gorgo de la Escalera makes the perfect place to start canyoning. You can hire a local guide who can explain the topography and the varied features of the gorgeous canyon and also walk you through it. 

Among all the exhilarating activities in Alicante, paragliding is one that most adventurers look forward to. Once you drive to the launch pad, simply let your hair down and feel the wind kissing your face. 

Visit the vineyard to sip on the finest Spanish wine as you tour the flourishing vineyards. From watching the process of winemaking to tasting the special wine in the cellar, you’ll cherish every moment of intoxication that Alicante has to offer.

Hiring a car from a dependable service will make it convenient to trot across the length and breadth of fascinating Alicante. While your GPS can help you find the roads, a map can make it increasingly intriguing.