The work from home situation has already made us too tired from the within. Everyone is looking for an escape; a trip maybe. When it comes to planning a trip the most irritating question is where to go? There are so many top family holiday destinations. You just have to play smart and choose the best this time. Below is a list of all the mind-blowing places that you can visit with your family this year.


The World’s Best Family Holiday Destinations

We all know that south east Asia is a vast and diverse place. So, if you want to explore somewhere that is easy to navigate then you should head to Malaysia. This place reflects some of the region’s best qualities and is a country that is a mix of cultures. This indeed is a great place to eat and to learn about different cultures. If you are more like a beach person you can visit Keen which is known for the same. If you are looking for parks, city life and museums then you can go to Kuala Lumpur. Overall, this is a great place to visit with your family.


This small country is packed with best family attractions. You can get an experience of different cultures and amazing food as well. You will just love the mixture of Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures.

While you are on the trip, you can visit Sentosa Island with your family and Futuristic Gardens. There are several things that kids will love in Singapore and you will never regret choosing this as your holiday destination. Also, English is the common language so you don’t have to worry about the language barrier. You can get along with almost everyone. People often treat Singapore as a quick stopover destination on a trip to somewhere else but it is not like that. It is one of the top family destinations that you will love visiting.


Thailand is among one of the best countries to visit with children. The Thai people are really friendly and thus this country stands out among the rest. The diversity of Thailand is undoubtedly top-notch. Being a beachy country, it gives you the fun of watching fire shows on the beach, snorkelling in the ocean, trekking, visiting the temples and many more things. It is said to be a country of thousand smiles and it indeed is.


When you hear the name of France you automatically start thinking about Paris. But to astound you, France is much more than just Paris. Undoubtedly Paris is delightful for families with Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and Louvre but you can visit the rest of the France too. You can visit the coast of Normandy and find the history there. Also, the chateaus and caves the Dordogne are a delight to watch. You will surely find warm hospitality, amazing history and fabulous cuisine. So, what are you waiting for? Packs your bags and run!


Germany is one of the most ideal family holiday destinations. First of all, the food; you can find organic and healthy options almost everywhere. Germany has a lot of play areas attached with the restaurants. So, if you are travelling with your children, they are going to love this place. Germany has one of the largest zoo per capita ratios in the world. There are so many kid-friendly museums and so many other places to visit. It is one perfect place for all types of travellers. When you want to travel, booking hotels that fits your budget is the biggest headache, especially during holiday season. Don’t worry we have got you covered. is one stop destination to book hotels at an attractive price. If you want some extra discounts on your bookings, checkout the hotel discount coupons & save your time and money. 


Italy is one of the names that comes to your mind when you think of scenic beauty. No matter where you travel in Italy you will definitely love the scenic beauty, iconic landmarks, world class art treasures and many more things. Oh! Let us not forget the ancient city of Rome. From children to adults everyone loves this place. The place has the best pizzas and you can engage your kids in gladiator school.

Italy sure has a romantic side too. You can visit Venice holding the hand of your better half. Try a mask making class which is so happening and fun. So, Italy can satisfy your adult cravings and fill your child’s imagination.


Spain is one of the most kid-friendly countries that you should visit this year. Kids are welcome anywhere in Spain- restaurants, museums, café, shops, the list is never-ending. You may feel surprized to see small children dining at three Michelin star restaurant which is just amazing. Spain is also rich in culture and buzzes with a lot of energy. You will feel refreshed after the trip to Spain. It also offers you a late-night culture so you can roam around as long as you want. 

So, you can visit the above-mentioned countries this year and forget about the stress and tension that last year brought with itself. Just pick any of these destinations, pack your bag and experience the best trip of your life.