When I started blogging almost more than a decade ago, it was a form of a “dear diary” where I shared about my day etc. Little did I know that it will evolve to Hey, it’s Chel and my own brand.

A lot has changed since then, I started traveling which all my experiences I shared here and on my Instagram. I absolutely attribute the increase of my followers because of that.

Chel Inumerable blog

However, Instagram has changed so much. With lots of travel influencers and v/bloggers trying to keep up with the ever-changing algorithm, it can easily make the newcomers a bit demotivated. I personally felt that too. Mostly because I stopped traveling for a bit.

And when you stop traveling, your follower count will also plateau or even decrease. Happened in my case. When I stayed in the Philippines, I switched my branding to Lifestyle + Food.

Empacho Restaurant and Bar Tomas Morato

Frankly, I am very thankful for all the opportunities that came my way. I received sponsored hotel accommodations, experiences that I never have imagined that I’ll be doing, like the zipline in Langkawi, Safari camping in Sri Lanka and many more as a travel blogger.

Zipline Umgawa Chel Inumerable

I guess the most important thing is to always be consistent and I also learned that as long as you are genuine when it comes to sharing content, lots of brands will reach out to you.

I am thankful for everything that my blog and social media has provided me. Most importantly, to all friends that I made along the way.

I look up to a lot of influencers because even though I started early, I still have so much to learn. My personal motto is to never stop learning and always be open to suggestions. And you can get that from influencers who are well established in their own niche.

If you plan to start your career on social media, today is the best time to do it. There is no right or wrong way to do it (well of course as long as you are not putting anyone down in the process then you are good). And from there, you can analyze which niche works for you well.