A bit of a backstory, when I started blogging a couple of years ago, I promised myself to be as genuine as I could and as open as possible. I loved sharing everything about me and what I know with you guys with the hopes that it might be something that can help you.

I have to admit that as time went by, I became a bit conscious and was scared to be judged. The internet now is very different from when I started. People can be cruel and seem to take things out of context.

I started blogging when I was a kid mostly because I was bullied in school. Funny to say that I felt safe online and it gave me a voice. No one knew I was running a blog, an online diary as I called it before.

Nowadays people use the internet for all sorts of reasons, mine still hasn’t changed. I still want to inform and be transparent, that’s why I’ll be sharing with you guys my personal journey.

As I’ve mentioned, I was bullied because I’m not what society or kids my age for that matter consider pretty. I was tall for my age, and I remember my neighbors calling me names like kapre. And I thought to myself what kind of parents would tolerate such behavior. Anyway, so many things happened to me growing up that’s why I am a little insecure.

I’ve always wanted to have my boobs done and I couldn’t be more than happy that the day has finally come.

Physically, don’t get me wrong, please. I am happy with what I am and have right now but I don’t see why I should not allow myself to become the full potential that I can be. As long as you’re not stepping on anyone or hurting them, I honestly believe that we should always put ourselves first.

I’ve always wanted and considered doing a boob job or a breast augmentation, I don’t want anything too big. I just want it to be more proportionate to my body because I have hips unfortunately I wasn’t gifted as they call it. I also want clothes to fit me nicely, maybe that sounds shallow but there are clothes that I really want to wear but the fit isn’t really right or it just doesn’t look good.

This is something that I have really put so much effort to read about and I realized that a lot of women aren’t really open to talking about their body choices especially here in the Philippines because they are scared that people might bash at the end of the day, your body, your decision. If you know it will make you happier, why would you allow others opinions to dictate how you should live your life.

If you do plan to have breast augmentation, the number one thing to consider is always your safety. I’m lucky to find a very good doctor, Dr. Michael Verzosa of M Aesthetics, who uses premium implants. Dr. Verzosa uses Motiva implants. I did my research about breast implants and Motiva is really the way to go. Motiva implants have the lowest complication rate, very durable, and also have a 10-year warranty for rupture and capsular contracture. So always do your research guys. It’s very important to know these things before you go thru your procedure.

This is also why I’ve decided to share with you guys everything that I’ll go through because I know there are people who are thinking of going thru breast augmentation but are just scared to ask or maybe they can’t find answers online. I’m hoping that I can. I hope my journey can help guide you through yours. 

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