If you are in desperate need of a holiday right now, we will not blame you at all! Believe us; everyone wishes they could take two weeks off and relax utterly next on a tropical beach with some cocktails. What better way to turn your brain off than under the sun and with the sounds of the ocean in the background?

The Best Accommodation For Holiday Trips In Hobart

Unfortunately, until you get to that part, there is quite a lot of preparation to be done, which is very boring and tedious for many of us. Who wants to deal with budgeting and reservations on top of regular work duties and responsibilities? Go on this link for a whole vacation experience: thehenryjones.com. You will be amazed at how far they go for your comfort!

However, the result is more than worth it. Putting that little extra effort into researching your destination and all accommodation choices can make the difference between an unforgettable vacation and a mediocre trip. 

So, the first thing you should do is decide on the location of your holiday. Considering we are currently still in the first quarter of the year, the weather is a bit chilly for many of us in the Northern hemisphere. That is why your best bet is to choose somewhere with a warmer climate.

And what a better place for that than the fabulous Down Under? With the complete opposite weather during this time of year, the Southern hemisphere is the ideal destination for your holiday! Make all of your friends green with envy with your bikini pictures on social media while they are still wearing parkas and scarves.

Nevertheless, Australia is quite a big continent, and pinpointing a location can still be a challenge. Sure, you could do all of the regular tourist traps such as the Sydney Opera House or visit metropolises such as Melbourne or Brisbane, but what is a vacation without finding something new?

That is why we propose you pay a visit to a place many hear about but rarely dare to go and visit: Tasmania! This gorgeous island just off the Australian coast has so plenty to offer than you might think. Stay with us as we outline some of its best qualities as a vacation spot.

An undiscovered diamond

The Best Accommodation For Holiday Trips In Hobart

For many people, Tasmania is just a tiny island that they associate with Looney Tunes cartoons or blond beach surfers. But there is a lot more that can be discovered if you only bother to look! The only things you need to bring with yourself is unyielding courage and an adventurous spirit.

Your first stop on the great Tasmania tour should be its capital city, Hobart. This beautiful city is the second oldest capital established in Australia, right after the famous Sydney. Its date of birth was 1804 when the British settlers founded it, but it was populated by the Australian Indigenous people for more than 35 thousand years before!

Despite its age, Hobart is the capital city with the least population and even the second smallest in Australia’s entire territory! Nonetheless, about half of the whole population of Tasmania has made it their home, and this town thrives with liveliness! Click here for more information about it.

Throughout its history, Hobart has weathered some genuinely turbulent times. Besides the violent clashes between the Aboriginal people who lived on the island and the European colonizers, the British also used Tasmania as an island where Britain’s convict population was sent as a punishment. This contributed to an increased rate of violence and disease spread, which ended up killing much of the Indigenous population.

However, blessed with incredible nature, this island quickly bounced back. With the advent of the 20th century and agriculture as well as mining, Hobart experienced a substantial economic rise and progress. The lack of labor force because of the world wars increased immigration, making it the vibrant multicultural community it is today.

Indeed, Hobart is proud to have the oldest working theater in Australia, founded less than four decades after the city’s birth. It is also the home of the first-ever novel written in Australia by a convict serving his prison time on the island. Music is another art form that Hobart can boast about, with diverse genres such as jazz, hip hop, electro, and punk yielding internationally renowned musical acts.

Lastly, this city is located at the foot of Mount Wellington, a mountain perfect for all who love hiking. If you are not that big of a fan of this particular outdoor activity, you have the ocean on the other side, which is always welcome for surfing. Moreover, with Hobart’s mild climate, you can be sure that you will never have to stay indoors due to a heatwave. If you get your time right, you could even ski on the snowy slopes of the mountain!

Choosing your temporary home

You do not want to miss out on seeing what Hobart is all about with all of these fantastic characteristics. But, where are you going to stay during your exploration of this amazing city? No worries, we have got the suggestions for you.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of choices for accommodation in the area. You could go for your traditional hotel stay or maybe opt-in for a cheaper rental of private property of a local in the area. We have a better idea.

The Tasmanian entrepreneurs have come up with a revolutionary new concept – art hotels. If you are wondering what this could be, it is precisely what it says on the tin. These structures have been converted from Hobart’s historic warehouses in the city’s bustling art district. Besides the usual amenities that a hotel provides, including spas, restaurants, and suites, they even have resident artists ready to paint your portrait at a whim!

Furthermore, these art hotels understand the pressure of organizing everything by yourself, which is why they offer conveniently curated tour packages for any interest you might have. If you are a foodie, they can take you through an unforgettable night on the town through Hobart’s best wineries and diners. If you are a history geek, they will set up a tour through all of the historically relevant spots in town. And if you are the athletic type, then limber up because surfing and hiking are waiting for you!

Regardless of what you decide, one thing is clear – there is no wrong choice to make. Hobart will make sure to give you a memorable holiday full of events and experiences you can reminisce for years to come.