Kayaking is great for every family member, and it can be an outdoor sport that water enthusiasts can go into. People can explore nature, and there are lots of adventures available. If you’re looking for an exciting and fun way to enjoy the seas or lakes, then kayaking can be the perfect hobby that you should try.

You can try to research first in your area about classes conducted in kayaking. Others are looking for the best gear like shoes and ice coolers from sites like kayakingtemple.com and ensure that they’ll have the right equipment with them in open water. Keeping your beverages cool, as well as catching fish while you’re in the open sea, is another reason why you should try kayaking.

Best Kayaking Tips and Tricks

Why Should You Go Kayaking?

Once you’ve tried exploring the open water, you’ll surely love this experience. Some of the advantages of doing kayaking include the following:

This is an Excellent Exercise: You may be looking for a workout outdoors that will provide you with a low-impact and high-energy routine. If so, kayaking will give your muscles, joints, and tissues the much-needed exercise they deserve. Aside from this, you’ll notice that you’re gradually strengthening your back, core, chest, arm, and shoulders when you do this regularly.

Kayaking is Possible in any Body of Water: The world is full of seas, lakes, rivers, and diverse environments that you can explore through the seats of your boat. As long as you have the right equipment with you, you can easily travel or do a leisure exploration on any shore, riverside, or dock. You’ll see the best destinations in the world, and you have endless possibilities. Read more about kayaking when you click here.

This is a Fun Way of Spending Time with your Loved Ones: You can always contact your group of friends for a paddle-down activity on the river rapids. This can be an exciting way to catch up and go out. Another thing is that you can go down the lake and enjoy a picnic or two on one of its coasts. This can both be a relaxing and challenging activity, depending on what you’ve decided.

What do You need?

The very first thing that you need in this activity is a kayak. Other than the boat, you’ll need different things when you sail, depending on the kind of trip that you’ve planned. You may want to bring specific supplies and more. However, some of the must-have items that you’ll need are the following:

Paddle – A paddle is one of the essentials of the kayak. When you choose the right paddles, you need to have an accurate measurement of your torso. It should have a good size with the width of the paddle that you’re going to use. There are measurement charts available that you can check out regarding this. If your torso is over 28 inches, it’s generally recommended to use paddles that have a 200 cm length or above.

Lifejackets – You’ll need lifejackets or a personal floatation device whenever you sail out. This piece of equipment is critical if you’re engaging in any watersports. The fit should be snug and not too loose or too tight.

Bilge Pumps: These bailers or bilge pumps are vital when you need to bail some water out of the kayak if it rains.

Tips and Techniques

If this is your first time and you’re still new to the entire thing, these tips may help you out when you’re out and alone in the open water.

Pick a small pond or lake that’s calm, and you should still be able to see the opposite of the shore. It’s best if you can pick out bodies of water without heavy powerboats or any kind of traffic to reduce the waves that will come to you unnaturally.

Launch the boat from the shore that has everyone’s complete visibility while they are on land. If you’re kayaking with a specific group and others have remained on the beach, your boat should be in plain view so that it would be easy to assist in case of emergencies.

Plan the first few trips to be safe and make it short. A bright and sunny day with no weather forecast of high winds or rain can be ideal for the trip. It’s essential to know your limits before fatigue overtakes you. Like any other workout, you should not overdo everything and quickly paddle back to the shore when you notice that you don’t feel comfortable any longer.

The Worst and the Best Weather for Kayaking

The calm, warm, and dry weather can be a great day. Even so, you still need to have a thorough understanding of the safety precautions and know what to do if there’s an emergency so that you’ll have a fantastic experience. Pay attention to the signs that the weather is changing fast or to the forecast of the day. It’s always fun to go on a trip in the spur of the moment, but you don’t want to risk being out in the open during a storm. 

  • Plan your excursions in a condition that’s in line with your current skills
  • Double-check the weather forecast and check whether it will rain every hour or so
  • Wear floatation devices or safety gear
  • Use buddy systems or let someone know that you’re going on a kayaking trip
  • Research potential hazards like currents and big rocks in a specific body of water where you’re going.