A little backstory (in case you are new here), I’ve been on a work-from-home setup since 2015. I love how I can manage my time with a perfect work-life balance. I remember how I used to travel nonstop because as long as there’s a decent internet connection I can do my job. It was such a new thing back then, there weren’t a lot of digital nomads or freelancers making it easier for us to get clients. And to be honest depends on what you do, you can actually earn more compared to the usual 9-5. This is what made me stay in this industry, although a little unstable at least I get the freedom that I need and want.

Of course, that all changed when COVID-19 hit the world. Everything was shut down and abruptly forced us to rethink how we were living our lives. It was very difficult to get stripped off with what we were used to do (traveling, going to restaurants, going out, etc) as countries closed their borders and cities went on lockdown/curfew. It has been more than a year but not much has changed (here in the Philippines).

Work From Home During Pandemic and Buying a House

What I noticed on my social media which I find very interesting is, a lot of homes are being renovated, new houses being purchased, condos being interior-ed nicely. I guess since most of us are now spending so much time indoors, we see things that we took for granted. And personally, I’d like to be in a space that I love or will find inspiration in. The outside world is already depressing as it is, might as well brighten our sanctuary.

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If you are one of those people who are planning on buying a house and are sticking to a budget based on your income, I came across one of the best mortgage calculators online. It has a lot of features but my favorite is how you can calculate the mortgage you can afford based on your income. Mortgage Calculator also offers graphs for loan repayment along with monthly and yearly amortisation tables to help users visualize how much money they will need. The worst thing that can happen is to make the decision to purchase but end up not being able to pay. So you really have to plan smarter and do proper research.

My broker friends advised me that this is actually the best time to invest in real estate as prices are now low. I guess just like in stocks and crypto, you buy when it’s the “dip”. If you can afford to do so, I suggest considering buying a house and then flip it. This also applies to condos, if that’s more your thing.

Have a look at that website and please do let me know what you think. I found other helpful links but this one really stood out.