It should come as no surprise that more people than ever are starting to adopt digital nomad lifestyles. They get to travel the world, living and working temporarily in some of the most beautiful places in the world. 

Though not all countries have embraced the digital nomad lifestyle, more have been making efforts to attract these often high-earning professionals every year. Aspiring and current digital nomads can read on to find out about seven countries that have a digital nomad visa program with favorable terms for help deciding where to go next.

7 Countries That Have a Digital Nomad Visa Program With Favorable Terms

1. Costa Rica

According to Nomad Huddle, Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world for digital nomads to work and live. The scenery is beautiful, the lifestyle is relaxed, and the small tropical nation recently created a one-year digital nomad visa that extends the country’s already impressive two-year freelancer visa by another year. 

Visa holders can open bank accounts, drive cars, and are even exempt from local income taxes. All they need to do is apply for the freelancer visa, obtain medical insurance, and show that they have at least $3,000 per month in income.

2. Bermuda

Like Costa Rica, Bermuda already had a program in place that allowed long-term travelers to live and work on the island for a year. The newly released “Work From Bermuda” visa is an extension of the older residency program that specifically targets digital nomads. Applicants must show proof of travel insurance, financial solvency, and negative COVID-19 status, but there’s no minimum income requirement to apply.

3. Dubai (UAE)

Dubai, the United Arab Emirates’ best-known city, has also launched what they call a virtual working program. It allows digital nomads to live and work from Dubai while remaining employed overseas. Digital nomads and remote workers must prove that they make at least $5,000 per month and have a contract to work remotely overseas that will last at least a year.

4. Malta

Malta has long been a go-to destination for digital nomads looking to live a sunny island lifestyle in a friendly, modern, English-speaking place, but it’s only recently that the island nation created a digital nomad residence permit. The permit allows qualifying freelancers and remote workers to live and work in Malta for a year at a time and can be renewed if digital nomads remain employed.

5. Mauritius

The island nation of Mauritius recently created a completely free Premium Visa that targets digital nomads. Though there’s no proof of income required, long-term visitors must show proof of travel insurance coverage and plans to stay in Mauritius along with remote work abilities.

6. Mexico

Mexico originally became a hotspot for digital nomads because of its six-month tourist visas. Now, remote workers who earn at least $1,620 per month can apply for temporary resident visas, as well. They’re good for one year and can be renewed for up to three.

7. Portugal

Digital nomads can apply for both temporary resident visas and residence permits in Portugal with the option of applying for permanent residency after five years. The only requirements are having income from abroad that amounts to at least 600 Euro per month, maintaining private travel insurance, and submitting to a criminal background check.

Plan That Next Move

Love the digital nomad lifestyle? It’s time to start planning that next big overseas move. The seven countries listed above aren’t the only ones that offer digital nomad visas, but they’re a great place to start.