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CHEL INUMERABLE is a Manila based lifestyle blogger with particular interests in food, events, and travel. Always in search for something new, she likes to venture out of her comfort zone to broaden her horizon. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and graduating with latin honors, she was supposed to attend law school but instead chose to take a break and worked in the BPO industry (started as a customer service rep then promoted to the English Team). With an innate desire for adventure, she would often score seat sales for half the price of a regular airline ticket. Her reasoning: so she can spend more on accommodation, food, tours and of course shopping.

Chel Inumerable Blog
Chel Inumerable Blog

While traveling, she met a lot of people who were self-employed that inspired her to take online courses on digital marketing. This decision is now the reason why she can manage her own time by being a freelance digital marketing strategist/social media manager.

She also holds the following certification in: TEFL, Makeup, Master Barista and Coffee Art. The latter two were from TAFE in Melbourne.
Chel Inumerable Blog


A not-so secret about her is the fact that she is at her happiest when she’s by the beach in her bikini or when she’s snacking on chips and chocolates. She enjoys taking photographs which 95% of them never make it online.

You can find her at a restaurant planning her orders by looking at the dessert menu before ordering an appetiser. Which doesn’t really matter since she has a separate stomach for desserts. Otherwise, she is at home with her cat, Picolo, drinking tea and reading a Sidney Sheldon novel.

Chel Inumerable Blog

Hey, it’s Chel started as a personal journal soon turned into a lifestyle blog. She writes about food, events, beauty, travel, basically anything under the sun that she thinks will be beneficial to her readers. With a combined social media reach of over 20,000, Chel has collaborated with numerous brands and companies like: Ford, Jetwing Blue Negombo, Resorts World Sentosa, Skin Philosophie, Dove, Vitress, Garnier, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Tim Hortons, Jollibee, Eatigo, Cadbury, Krispy Kreme, Avon,
(see more here).

Chel Inumerable Blog


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Feel free to leave a comment here or send me an email – info(at)heyitschel(dot)com, I would love to hear from you!

Otherwise, follow my life through my blog posts and I hope I get to be part of your daily reads x

And of course, a warmest thank you for visiting and reading my blog. It really means a lot to me that you have decided to join me in my small escapades in life that I share here.

♡ Chel
To new adventures and exciting beginnings.

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