Hello! My name is Chel Inumerable. A travel and lifestyle blogger from the Philippines. I’m a 20 something cat lady with big dreams and a pocket full of sunshine. I took up Political Science and graduated with a latin honor. When I was in Melbourne, I completed the basic and advanced Barista certification course. I like to learn new things to broaden my knowledge and skills. Another example is my passion to learn a foreign language: Turkish, Italian, French, Spanish etc. I know a couple of words, numbers but I’d love to carry on a conversation.

I find neutral colors attractive, the smell of roses, a new book and a newly opened package. I only shop online when I see something that I really like but I still prefer going to actual shops. I like to sit down in a quiet cafe and read a good book while drinking a cup of hot tea.

Chel Inumerable

Some nights, I like to go out and have a few drinks with friends or go to music festivals. The love for the latter was ignited in 2013. The adrenaline rush is addictive during events like these.

I’ve always been fond of traveling and in 2015, I started to flashpack around Southeast Asia. I have plans to travel long term but I need to plan properly because I’m not sure if flashpacking would work like that. Definitely need to think like a backpacker.

Hey, it's Chel

I love sweets, chocolates, wine and wholemeal rolls. There are so many things in life that I am thankful for like my cat, cuddles, long naps, and beautiful beaches. I have tattoos and pending designs that I look forward to have on my skin. When I’m feeling a little down or confused, I write poems. I admire beautiful styles, makeup and places. Eating out in a restaurant is a struggle because there is a 50% chance of me ordering something I don’t like.

Chel Inumerable

My zodiac sign is Scorpio and according to an article, I have a great capacity for kindness, true desire to do good in the world and ability to connect with people who are suffering or are in pain. Add all these traits together, I may actually be one of the nicest, kindest, most good-natured person you’ve ever met. I may be aloof at first, but you will definitely get to see the best side of me. I’d like to believe that I got it all figured out but I have to admit, I’m a work in progress.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Feel free to leave a comment here or send me an email – info(at)heyitschel(dot)com, I would love to hear from you!

Otherwise, follow my life through my blog posts and I hope I get to be part of your daily reads x

And of course, a warmest thank you for visiting and reading my blog. It really means a lot to me that you have decided to join me in my small escapades in life that I share here.

♡ Chel.
To new adventures and exciting beginnings.


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