The thing about me and shopping is that I always make sure that I have a list, so I can stick with it once I’m in the shops. Most of the time, I get to follow it but then there are some exceptions. Like what happened to me the other day.

unnecessary haul

Went to a 2 dollar shop like a little kid in a candy store, walking to one aisle to another and ended in the checkout counter with a pink card holder and acrylic pencil holder which I’m using now as a makeup brush holder.

My excuses:

I needed a card holder because my wallet couldn’t fit all my loyalty cards, credit card, ATM card anymore. Was hoping there was a black cover but it was either this or a neon orange.

A makeup brush holder because the one I was previously using has no more room for my other brushes. It was actually a small flower vase, (which I might get fake flowers so I can use it, again.)

On to the other shop, I bought a Mason Jar and a Lavander essential oil (2 dollars each = less than 100php).

My excuses:

I’ve always wanted a Mason Jar but I didn’t want to buy it online so when I saw this,  I knew I had to get it.

I still have my Lemongrass essential oil but I wanted a different scent that or maybe I just really needed to buy it. At least I now know where to get cheaper and better oils, no more overpriced Scent for Senses!

So there goes my unnecessary haul. How about you, how was your shopping this week?