One of the things that you will realize when you are driving your truck is how much tire chains can help you when the roads are covered with ice. There are some places that are more prone to getting icy and slippery roads more than others. If you live in those areas, it is best that you will start investing in semi truck tire chains now.

When Should You Use Semi Truck Tire Chains?

The moment that you see a layer of ice on the road, the first thing that you will think about is to get an auto sock or the tire chains. The auto sock or the tire chains can add an extra layer of traction to help you keep safe while you are traveling.

The moment that you see that there are no ice or snow on the road anymore, remove the tire chains or you will only make your tires break. Another thing that may occur is you might cause some damage to the roads that you will traverse on. Expect that you are going to pay fines for that. Do you honestly want to have this problem?

You will never know exactly when you are going to go through places with snow especially if you are traveling long distances. The best option is to bring the semi-truck tire chains and semi truck marker lights with you wherever you go. They are usually easy to install so you will have no trouble stopping and installing them for a few minutes.

Some Tips to Remember

There aren’t a lot of people who will intentionally break the law when they do not want to get into trouble. These are some tips you should remember so that you will not be stopped by the cops:

  • There will be roadside pop-ups that will check if you have semi truck tire chains with you even if you are not using them. Have the right item handy.
  • Do not go faster than 30mph when you are driving with chains.
  • Practice installing the tire chains so that you will know what to do if ever you need to install it. You may also need led lights for semi trucks that can help inform people that you are working on your truck.

Are you ready to start following the rules set for using semi truck tire chains?