My Ultimate Travel Backpack

Ever since I started traveling, I’ve been carrying a 60L backpack. Convenience-wise it is not ideal because I always have to check it in. I don’t like waiting in the airport after I pass thru immigration but with the big bag that I was bringing all the time, I really had no choice. (Plus, my family had a previous experience of losing all our luggages, so I’m a bit traumatised still) .

So when I discovered CabinZero, I was beyond ecstatic! They carry different designs and colours that you can choose from. Since I am obsessed with the colour black, it was a no-brainer that I picked a Military Black backpack. What I like the most about their products is the fact that it is lightweight. That does not mean that you can’t pack a lot in it. It is actually a 44L bag!
The ultimate travel backpack CabinZero

CabinZero offers a classic range and a military range. Both of them features a 44 litre capacity, side compression straps, front zipped pocket, inside zipped and mesh pocket. You can easily slide your laptop inside too. Additional features which constant travellers would love are the built in Global Luggage Tracker (powered by Okoban), and lockable zippers on main compartment.

Now here come’s the fun part! Your CabinZero backpack comes with a 10 year warranty but if you like CabinZero Facebook page, you will get 25 years worth of warranty, free of charge! This is the best investment that you will ever make. And wherever you are, CabinZero got you covered, they ship worldwide and have warehouses in the UK and Asia.

If you are wondering what is the reason behind the name, you can put it this way, Cabin Sized = Zero Hassles. You can take your bag with you in the plane, in almost any airline.

CabinZero review

CabinZero is convenient to use, making packing a breeze. If you need to get something inside, you don’t need to take out everything just to find what you need. You can easily access and organise your stuff. For me the best backpack I have ever used is CabinZero, it answered everything that I hoped for in a backpack.

CONTEST ALERT: Because the good and wonderful people of CabinZero would like to change the way you travel, they are giving away 3 military style CabinZero bags! Visit CabinZero Facebook Page to know more.

Website: CabinZero

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  1. Oh gosh! The backpack sounds like the answer to my luggage problems, haha. I know what you mean about losing bags at the airport. Do NOT want to experience that – ever again. It’s also great they’re holding a giveaway – might join! Thanks for the post!

  2. The black color is so black I cannot really see the details of the back. It must look so elegant in real life. Nothing beats the practicality of a lightweight but spacious bag when travelling.

  3. this is really ideal for travel enthusiasts… the bag looks small yet surprisingly spacious which is really a good thing! the 25 years worth of warranty is insane! It only proves how confident the company is with their item! Kudos!

  4. Paolo

    I always used 50L backpack instead of luggage when i traveling as you said, sometimes your check in luggage get lose in the transit or will go in the other flight.

  5. Looks really great as a backpack. I just got a backpack for traveling but looks like bigger than I expected and it doesn’t fit with my size. Haha. maybe I check cabinzero on what else the have. :)

  6. Hey Chel. musta ka na? Haha. Anyway, I found this post truly helpful, I am a beginning wanderer and I think I should learn more on how to pack things more efficiently and choose the right bag for every travel that I will do in the future. Happy traveling and blogging chel! :)

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