There are only a few weeks until we enter the Christmas rush reason. It’s called Christmas rush for the reason that everybody is just “rushing” to get things done just before Christmas arrives. Everybody has additional things on top their already usual overflowing to-do lists that one can easily get frustrated, angered and stressed.
Don’t get caught up with the Christmas rush.
Avoid getting stressed during the holidays by following these tips:

1. Plan early.

Remember the golden words, “Prevention is better than the cure.” The same things apply when you plan things early – you get to anticipate things and prepare for it rather than just “reacting” to what happens. If you anticipate that things will get busy during the holidays (which they will undoubtedly will), you can prepare your mindset and even tick off things in your checklist that will help you embrace the busy-ness of the season.

2. Shop early.

This is where actually most of our stress comes from – shopping for Christmas gifts for everyone on your list. It would greatly help if you have a master list of everyone you need to give gifts to year after year. This could consist of family, relatives and your nuclear set of friends. You can just alter it every year according to whoever needs to be included. With this masterlist, you can just shop all year-round whenever there is a sale. It will save you money and more importantly, time.

Now, what if you aren’t this prepared for this year’s holiday season? What if you are only making your list now? Don’t fret, you still have time. You can easily get gift ideas online. You can view the list of Catalogues for Christmas here and then shop from there as well. You get to shop in the comforts of your own home, anytime of the day.

3. Spend less.

Money – the lack of it – can really be stress anyone out. When you take time to plan (see tip # 1), you can easily adjust your Christmas list (see tip # 2) according to whatever budget you have. Most people decide to sacrifice by maxxing out credit cards to be able to give gifts to everyone and starting the new year in debt. But there are better ways to let people feel your love this season. Spending time with them and enjoying the holidays together is enough. If you need to give something tangible, give something that would break the bank – your loved one would be sure to negate the idea of you giving a gift that would eventually stress you out because of payments.

Taking time to plan and anticipate the season allows you to fully enjoy the season and receive the gift it really comes with – the joy of spending time with people you love and just being present with them without thinking of a million other things you need to do.
Don’t waste time joining the rest of the population during the holiday rush – relax and enjoy what this special season has to offer by planning ahead of time.