You know how they say that the best time to think is when you’re in the toilet or in the shower? Well, I have one more to add, when you’re up in the mountain – hiking. For some reason, when we were hiking and camping in Tai Long Wan, I thought of all the things that I could write. Maybe it was my way of diverting my attention because a. I’m scared of heights and b. I didn’t want to fall.

Yes, I am now able to hike (yay!). My foot is heaps better now and I couldn’t thank you all enough for the tremendous support that I have received (family, friends, Gregoire and his friends). It’s crazy how time flies by and the doctors were right, I needed time and rest.

So much things happened for the past few months and while I was hiking my mind was just everywhere. Let me share some here:


You can’t please everyone. No matter how good you are to them, don’t expect that you will be treated the same. Also, people tend to be bias and make judgments from a one sided story. Some don’t even bother to know the truth. If this happens, don’t let it bring you down. They don’t know anything.


Always be open and ready to talk. A lot of misunderstandings are coming from miscommunication or even no communication at all. Don’t let your relationship deteriorate because of this.

Short term goals and long term goals

I’m not the type to plan my life ahead. Well, not anymore. Ever since I started traveling, I believe in staying spontaneous because anything can happen. But one thing is for sure, I want to settle down with a fulfilling career. Some things are not happening when you want them to because it isn’t just the right time. Be patient and keep working hard.

How about you? Would love to know where is your best place to have deep thoughts!