I know I’ve said this a lot of times but I just can’t believe how time flies. Next thing we know, we’re preparing for Christmas and New Year’s. All in all, life lately has been good, sometimes I wish I can press pause or something because it’s that good *sigh* Anyhow, I’m sharing some photos from these past few days.
  • Going organic with Nature’s Cuppa Organic English Breakfast Tea
  • Just recently discovered Up & Go and now I always crave for it, asking my boyfriend to always take home one
  • I love grocery shopping, like I literally get excited when I need to buy something from the shops
  • Drive thru liquor shop? Why not.
  • We’ve been having such good sunny weather these past few days.
  • Our go-to restaurant is called Quang Vinh and our usual entree is prawn spring rolls.
  • Playing with some tea tree face mask from the body shop
  • Cereal + Milk for breakfast
  • Went to the spa and was too early for my appointment, had to be seated in the waiting room but Miranda Kerr kept me company
  • What I always do in the car, selfie!
  • We had some tacos from Taco Truck that was parked in Brunswick
  • It’s so easy to go around Melbourne. I’m more confident now to ride the public transpo when needed.
  • Hot choco time at Max Brenner
  • We had fun at the Royal Melbourne Show last Friday. It was such an experience.
  • Had some drinks with Fuat’s friends. They just recently moved in to their new house and we helped a bit with their walls, etc.
  • Then they were talking about pizza and when we got home, we craved for some. Good thing there’s a pizza place a block away, their margarita is my favorite!
How’s your life lately?