Couple of weeks ago, I enrolled myself to a Master Barista (MkI & MkII) course at Barista Basics in the city. I am not a heavy coffee drinker but for personal reasons, I wanted to learn how to make one and operate a machine.
I did a little research as to which one I should be getting but as soon as I read through their website, I was sold. The website provided a lot of information that I needed like the fact that the course they are offering will result to a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment listing the units SITHFAB204 (Prepare and serve espresso coffee) and SITXFSA101 (Use hygienic practices for food safety) and in a nationally and internationally recognised TAFE Statement of Attainment listing the unit SITHFAB204 (Prepare and serve espresso coffee). The Mandatory Hygiene Unit is included at no extra charge. The idea of me having these units was really inviting for me.
Yesterday was my scheduled training. I took the train because it will be easier rather than my boyfriend driving me all the way to the city, plus he haven’t slept.
The 5-hour barista experience starts from the basics and culminates in two hours of non-stop coffee-making focusing on milk texturing and coffee art. They are the first people in the world to conduct coffee art courses, and the promise that you will learn all the cutting-edge tricks using etching and freepouring techniques.
Master Barista encapsulates the Barista Basics course plus an intense 2-hour coffee art experience that involves looking at etching, fudge art and free-pouring. They have developed this course in conjunction with representatives from the coffee industry, the TAFE system and with the Australian Government’s Nationally Recognised Training system.
What Master Barista is:
intensive and hands-on
jam-packed with information
an “experience”
a package integrating training and knowledge which culminates in a nationally recognised certificate
a package earning participants an actual TAFE qualification that is part of the hospitality course
a course conducted by some of the finest talent in the espresso industry today
What Master Barista is not:
a cruisy, froth-and-giggle course that merely scratches the surface on only the basics  (you will find plenty of CBD coffee school starter courses that specialise in that)
Master Barista can be completed in one day or split over separate days (3 hours one day, 2 hours on another). But I chose to have it on the same day. The trainers are Cert IV professionals and the trainer/ratio was just perfect. You’ll get all the attention that you need. Another thing I like about it was they have unlimited milk and coffee, no need to recycle old milk and coffee. We watched based on proper live demonstrations and we did it in our own work stations.
This course is designed for the following people:
people who want the TAFE certificate to help them find employment
people who love coffee and want to master all aspects of it
people who need more help texturing milk
people who want the most professional and comprehensive barista experience in Australia today
I found the frothing the hardest but with more practice, I’m sure it will get easier.
They thought us lots of techniques that I excitedly shared to my boyfriend when he picked me up from the train station.
The course is 5 hours in duration and priced at $199. And upon completion I got the following:
1. TAFE Statement of Attaiment – Upon completion of Master Barista, you qualify for a TAFE Statement of Attainment for SITHFAB204 Prepare and serve espresso coffee. The TAFE Statement of Attainment is nationally and internationally recognised. Participants will receive advanced standing (credit) in any course inside or outside TAFE that includes the national competency SITHFAB204 Prepare and serve espresso coffee.
2. TAFE Academic Transcript
3. Coffee Art and Presentation Techniques Certificate
The final two hours of the Master Barista course is all about coffee art. We were the first company in the world to offer a formal class on it. This certificate is attained on completion of Master Barista.
4. RTO Statement of Attainment
As well as essential skills, BARISTA BASICS™ will also provide you with a certificate bearing the unit of competency codes and names SITHFAB204 Prepare and serve espresso coffee and SITXFSA101 Use hygienic practices for food safety.
5. Barista Basics Certificate
Barista Basics certificates have helped baristas around the world find employment. This is attained when you complete Barista Basics.
6. Written Coffee Menu
A written coffee menu listing the ingredients of all of the major coffee drinks will also be handed to students during the class.
 7. Etching Sheet
A colour ready-reference guide to some of our top etching designs is handed to students as they graduate.
8. Ebooks, Movies, Podcasts
I’m excited to practice my etching techniques, and master them. Surprisingly, I found the 5 hour course short because I wanted to keep on going. I guess that’s what they say when you’re having fun, time flies.
I planned that after the course, I’ll go around the city but the weather took a sudden turn. When I got out of the building, it was windy and raining. I had to buy an umbrella but I still got wet  because the wind was too strong lol the struggle was real.
Barista Basics is located at Shop 3A, Level 1 (top level), Paramount Retail Centre, 108 Bourke St, Melbourne CBD  (Chinatown end of Bourke St. Closest cross street is Exhibition St). They also have one in Sydney and Brisbane.